Audio Services

Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of crafting the audio for many projects, both large and small. This spans field recording, sound design, dialog and voice-over, music production, 360° ambisonic audio, and podcasting. If you need audio assistance with a project, feel free to reach out.


Podcasts are an essential part of my personal daily life, and as such, I love working on the engineering side of them. Nothing pleases me more than a properly recorded, edited, mixed, and clean presentation with a story to tell.

  • Recording (hosts and guests)
  • Cleanup and noise treatment
  • Mixing, processing, leveling, EQ
  • Loudness standards for delivery
  • Example: Idiom Savant

Dialogue / Voice-over

  • Narration, audio books
  • Recording
  • Cleanup and noise treatment
  • Mixing, processing, leveling, EQ
  • On-spec asset delivery

Sound Design

Music Production

Paper Sound is my music production duo with Ali Bavarian. We've worked on game soundtracks as well as commercial work for films and ads. You can listen to our work at papersound.com.

  • Music composition
  • Mixing, processing, leveling, EQ
  • Mastering and loudness standards
  • Game soundtrack production
  • Promotional music production
  • Past works: Paper Sound

Game Audio & Middleware

Games is one of the most exciting and creatively satisfying non-linear mediums to work with for sound design. In my opinion, the level of creative expression, experimentation, and technical challenges is unparalleled.

  • Sound design & asset creation
  • Environment ambiences & integration
  • Middleware events & cues
  • Wwise / FMOD Studio / Unity / Unreal
  • Platform-specific loudness compliance
  • Example: Hawken
  • Example: Invisigun

360° Ambisonics

Field Recording

Depending on the project, field recording can be a necessary, as raw source material is collected for further post-processing. This ranges from spot effects to environmental ambiences, and is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working with sound.