Hawken Soundtrack Released!


The official Hawken OST has been released! Ali and I worked very hard on this over the last couple years – stretching already long work days even later into wee morning hours. The opportunity to work on this was a blessing and a challenge, and I’m thankful to Khang for his trust and art direction (and casual insanity, which honestly helped us get things done on time). It was not that long ago, but I am still nostalgic about the early days of work on Hawken and many tracks on the album remind me of that period – from the amazing interactions with fans at PAX to the crazy LA windstorm that almost took us out while working on music with falling trees.

The OST is available now on our bandcamp page. It’s $5 and gets you 19 tracks at any quality level (from MP3 up to high quality lossless formats). Thanks for all your support and friendship over the years, and help me spread the word! :D