Explosions! Debris!

I’ve been working on a side project in Unity (which I’m loving by the way), and tonight was some fun times. Explosions and random debris!


I’ve been amazed at how liberating the engine and editor are. Attaching behavior scripts to objects clicks with the way I like to think about engineering a game, and I haven’t really hit any major roadblocks yet. A couple nights ago I wrote a simple script that will generate my map layouts based on .json files saved from Tiled (handy little tile map editor), and tonight I worked on an effects atlas using Pyxel Edit (handy little sprite editing app).

8 Months Later

What a shameful gap in posts. I’ve been meaning to convert my custom Rails backend running this site to WordPress for quite a while, and it’s finally done – so I hope that’ll make it much more convenient to keep a steady stream of blogging going. I’m not going to attempt to recap the last 8 months, though it can probably be summed up as:

  • Work on Hawken
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

Hawken is now fully free to play on Steam. If you’ve been meaning to check it out, now’s the time! Speaking of Hawken, Ali and I have completely wrapped up the official sound track and it will be released really, really soon. I can’t wait!