I set out to create a 4″x4″ letter block for the Illustrated Type show at Nucleus, and it spiraled out of control until I had completed the entire alphabet. Each letter was coded up in Processing using a variety of geometric patterns, and the final output was rendered as vector PDFs, so I could theoretically produce enormous prints without sacrificing detail. It might be fun to print each letter as a poster, but for now I’m actually proud of the final framed alphabet print.

Speaking of Nucleus, type, glyphs, characters, and alphabets… you can now browse the entire site in more languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese. This was a TON of work, hopefully worth it. I love how fresh the site feels in each language. If you don’t read English, and you do read one of those languages, and you magically understand this blog post, go check it out!

Squarewave Synth

I felt like making an audio project as my first attempt at hacking something together using the Arduino, and I had some spare parts lying around from the Machine Project class, so I decided to make a better squarewave synth. This one steps up and down, so it’s arpeggiated, and makes some pretty awesome sounds, a la Pacman and Excite Bike. I ordered a ton of electronic parts and sensors from Jameco, can’t wait to build more stuff!