Arduino Uno

My shiny new Arduino Uno arrived today! I’ve been watching tons of project videos – everything from MIDI synths to LED controllers to solar panels that track the sun to high speed photography triggers. The possibilities are really endless, and I was pleasantly impressed by the package design. So much care:

I’m pretty sure I’m going to begin with trying out some audio signal processing. Neato.

Software Sketching


I’ve been experimenting with the processing framework for a couple days, and I’m blown away by it’s simplicity and approachability. Initially, my goal was to use it as a quick prototyping tool for iPhone games (and I still plan on using it for that), but I got kind of carried away. Enjoy the sketches!


Yuri Gagarin

“I can see earth… I am flying over the sea.” This is moving and inspirational. What an amazing moment!

Major Minor

So I’ve either passed my prime when it comes to blogging, or I’m getting lazy about it. Assuming the former is the truth, I’m going to make an effort to pick up the pace around here. Nobody calls me lazy (read in your best Back to the Future McFLy voice).

First off, there’s been a ridiculous amount of buzz (500,000 views!) surrounding the release of the Hawken trailer from Khang & co. over at Adhesive Games. They are some of the hardest working and most talented people I know, so it’s well-deserved. The comments are overwhelmingly positive, and it’s a relief to read so much great feedback about the music! Khang’s been pretty specific about the feel for the tracks which has pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I’m pleased with the results so far, and looking forward to finishing the rest. This work follows the music I created for Beast Boxing (also with Khang, but mostly with Gordon). In the meantime, enjoy the incredibly engaging sound design by Sean Neri in the gameplay trailer. I can honestly say that I’m fortunate to know and contribute to such a talented team.

In other collaboration news, I’ve been helping Scott C. with his new website for a while, and it’s finally up! His body of work is so large and spread all across the vastness of the Internet that it was time to consolidate and make a single Scott C. destination! But you can’t really contain him. Anyway, he’s one of my favorite artists and a cool friend, and I can’t imagine it not being worth it for anyone to miss checking out his art. That was an odd sentence, but you get what I mean.

The last month or so has been filled with a lot of random stuff. I made a list so I’d remember to write about in detail about them, but you know what? I’m just going to dump that list here and write in not-so-much-detail about them instead:

  • Checked out Unique LA with Jane.
  • Saw True Grit, Tangled (go Jennifer!), The Fighter, and The King’s Speech – all excellent!
  • Watched the Lakers lose to the Spurs on a last-second tip-in… from a box suite at Staples (video below is from my iPhone).
  • Caught up with some friends at Dreamworks, and was reminded at how awesome their daily lunch buffet is.
  • Had a bunch of great Nucleus shows – the quality of the art has been super high lately.
  • Could not hold back tears while listening to this.
  • Attended Radiolab Live and heard Jad and Robert speak on “Symmetry” at UCLA with a big group of awesome friends – Zoe Keating is inspiring.
  • Ultimate frisbee + free throw knockout in the park… this might become a bimonthly thing.
  • Finished up building a squarewave synthesizer and a little amp at the Machine Project.
  • Saw Wonderwoman throw a man 30 feet at the corner of Hollywood & Highland.
  • Made a great new friend. :)