Movin’ in Movember

Nucleus App Icon

The official Nucleus app is out! I’ve worked really hard on this for the past few months, at a pretty rapid pace. It was definitely a great exercise learning how to build a (relatively simple) API into our site so clients can interface with it, though I can’t imagine anything other than the app using this, for now. Once again I’m pleasantly surprised with Ruby/Rails’ built-in niceties, especially ‘to_json’ in this case. We have some great new features planned for future updates to the app, but for now enjoy the huge library of awesome artwork in the palm of your hands!

Last Cannon Image

I’ve also updated Last Cannon for the iPhone 4’s retina display. This was pretty long overdue, but it actually required a complete rewrite of a lot of the code that handles the graphics and sprite sheets, and I took the opportunity to optimize and re-factor a bunch of other stuff while I was under the hood. If you have it, enjoy the nice crispy HD graphics in the update. If you don’t, buy it! :D

Danny and I had a pretty horrible cop experience a few weeks ago – the kind you hear about in stories, the juvenile abuse of power and righteousness that seems like a poorly-written character in a cheap screenplay. I don’t feel like getting into details, but what started as a simple traffic stop about my registration (the new stickers were in the mail) turned into a ridiculous scene with four backup cars, Danny on the ground, and myself in an argument with one of the most childlike minds I’ve ever dealt with. This infant attitude in a position of authority worries me. I wish I could entertain you more with the recording of the whole incident, but alas they erased it from Danny’s phone. It was almost worse trying to deal with the sergeant – she was basically the equivalent of a by-the-book Walmart manager taught to simply diffuse the situation, regardless of what is right and wrong. I was informed that this was simply what they called a “learning experience,” and I could just see that on page 347 of her how to be a sergeant training manual. It was definitely a learning experience, I’m just not sure it was the lesson they intended.

You guys know I frequent TED for awesome and inspiring videos, so this totally caught me by surprise. Back when I worked as art director at UCSB’s paper, I hired a handful of illustrators as part of my duties. Some are now good friends, and some I’ve lost touch with. One of those was Miwa Matreyek. She was always doing experimental artistry outside of the paper gig, and was pretty brilliant, innovative and technical. Out of left field, there she was on TED’s homepage, with a live art installation. Some of the interaction with the projections and physical props are out of this world! I don’t think words are appropriate, just watch it. Go Miwa!

Some music updates: The Listening Party Podcast recently aired and discussed the song Midnight Party that we recorded a while back for Shoddy Radio. It’s pretty hilarious, the main dude was pretty taken aback. I think it’s somewhere around 50 minutes in.

I’ve been focusing on several music projects lately which have spurred an upgrade to Ableton Suite (it’s cool because I’ve been curious about using Amp as opposed to Guitar Rig) and some deeper diving into orchestral samplers. I’m creating a few tracks for Good Hustle’s Beast Boxing iPhone game, and some pretty epic music for a project that I actually think I can’t talk about yet (there’s actually a third hush-hush project that’s still in the early idea stages), but it’s been refreshing having direction over these tunes. I’m used to being so personally attached to any new music ventures of my own that I usually end up not finishing them out of frustration or a crazy deviation from the initial vision. Having these clear directions, influences and needs are nice! I hope you guys dig them, I’ll post them up as soon as I can.

Lonnie G. Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker, has also invented a high efficiency solid-state engine. I know what you’re thinking: “A solid state engine? No moving parts?” I know, right? In fact, this video doesn’t help much. It’s pretty over my head… but the man is obviously intelligent and dedicated, and I love the fact that Super Soaker royalties are partially funding this endeavor because no one else would.

I have a full-on mustache for Movember, and I look somewhat like Lando Calrissian. I thought more people would be growing a stache this year, but oh well. Only a few more days…