Punch Some Beasts!

My friends Gordon and Khang have been working on Beast Boxing 3D for quite a while, and the awesome game has finally hit the App Store. It’s been a treat to see this progress from its inception and try out some test builds along the way, and now everyone gets to play it! There’s a LITE version if you’re hesitant, but it’s a high-quality game created by some very talented individuals who care – check it out!


It’s a Beautiful World

Some of the tilt-shift footage I shot at the Americana was used in this nice music video for Rich Webb. The song is called “Beautiful World” and it’s grown on me since I’ve seen this a bunch of times. It was a treat collaborating with George (bass player) and being included with a handful of others who shot some great scenes. The clips I contributed start at around 1:30.

I’m going to Mars! Well, at least my name is… encoded on a microchip of a NASA rover heading there in 2011. That’s as close as I’m going to get, for now. Want to join me? Send your name to Mars.

An atom has been isolated – and photographed – for the first time. The photo is quite crude, but it’s still an amazing thing to realize what you are actually looking at. It also strengthens my belief that atoms are entire galaxies or universes themselves (and our own universe is simply an atom in a much larger entity)… I mean, just look at it.

This is a fascinating TED talk on suspended animation from Mark Roth. It starts as you would expect but travels through some very interesting revelations about our bodies, oxygen levels, hydrogen sulfide, and cheating some cases of certain death.

Dr. Michio Kaku recently posted this short article about graphene on his blog, Dr. Kaku’s Universe. It’s an elegant structure of carbon atoms that is super strong (200 times stronger than steel), and super conductive (better than any material we know, even at room temperature). The impact graphene could have on our daily lives is tremendous, and if you’re interested, give the article a read. My favorite quote:

It would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness of Saran Wrap.

I’ve linked to Boston.com’s The Big Picture series in previous posts (it’s one of my favorite presentations of interesting stuff on the net), and this particular one is close to my heart: Around the Solar System. Enjoy.

Has Vladimir Skulachev cured aging? Yeah I know… but it’s an interesting read… aging isn’t magic, so this isn’t that improbable.

Check out this beautifully-perfect celestial spiral of gas and dust around a dying star in a binary pair, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. It looks like a vortex or portal into another dimension. I am so grateful for the Hubble.

Sorry about the flood of science links (actually I’m not), but that’s what I’ve been collecting on my desktop since the last post. The rest of life is a bit of a blur. I’m in a work bubble, cooked a little, saw some comedy at the UCB theater, went to some weddings, wrote some music, coded a lot, got a new mac, watched The Prestige twice (loved it), and The Social Network (loved it). Even after quitting Facebook, I get screenshots of stuff I shouldn’t be missing from some friends. It is unavoidable. :)

To make up for all that science, here’s something just for fun.