Be Good


Koko Be Good is out! Support the talented Jen Wang and order a copy if you’d like to treat yourself to story+art. I’ll be picking mine up during the book release party at Secret Headquarters this Friday… you should go too!

photo by mandy

It’s been sort of insane at Nucleus for a while, culminating with the opening of Sweet Streets II last Saturday. Harajuku, 6% Dokidoki, pink madness. It was like our Street Fighter show, but for girls – which is awesome because it smelled 100 times better.

Just a couple weeks before, the gallery smelled of hay. Why? The Moonshine show! It was a pretty neat collection of Dreamworks artists’ personal work outside of the studio, including some from a couple of good buddies.

I’m visiting my parents, which means I am eating a ridiculous amount of (amazing) food, and fixing my dad’s perpetually-plagued PC. He always manages to break it, with the weirdest descriptions of problems: “Shadi, yesterday I lost the Microsoft,” and “Shadi, I can’t watch videos anymore, is it because of the Acrobat?” I’m pretty patient with it, but today I saw this diagram he drew clipped to the side of the computer. It made me sad. He’s trying so hard. :(

Ok, peace.

One Down

I finally “deactivated” my Facebook account. Initially I ran into some snags because my account is linked as a developer for Backwords (iPhone) integration, but I made a dedicated account for that and all is well. They do attempt a little guilt trip on you just before you deactivate, which only made me more determined. It already feels good, like fresh air.

Last month we climbed up on the roof to catch a glimpse of the Perseid meteor shower, but it was sparse and uneventful for the most part. To be honest, right when we laid down there was a pretty amazing lazery shooting star, but very few after that. I’ll definitely drive out to the desert or the mountains next year!

I thoroughly enjoyed “It Might Get Loud,” a documentary pitting The Edge, Jack White, and Jimmy Page together in one room to “see what happens.” In all honesty, the interactions between them were the low point (but that was to be expected). The beauty was the mini-bios and interviews of the individuals in between segments. I love all three of them for different reasons, and practically owe most of my early guitar chops to Led Zeppelin II, but I’ve always been a fan of The Edge and his tasteful playing. I’m even more of a fan now, since he came off as a good-natured, down-to-earth human being. Check it out, it’s on Netflix instant play.

On a related note, I’ve reorganized my room to facilitate easy and quick recording of anything – drums, guitars, vocals and midi/synths. I have a couple projects going that I’m determined to see through completion. My fatal flaw is losing interest/focus around the midpoint of my creative endeavors, and I have to trust myself that if I take a break and resume the next day, I’ll like it again (with fresh ears). Time and time again, this is usually the case. Still, it can be draining spending 4-5 hours and ending up with 4-5 seconds of music that you like, but that’s mostly because I’m out of shape, in a sense. One of the songs is a collaboration with Ali, which means the vocals and melodies will be beyond beautiful – I’m hoping to flesh that project out into a mini-concept album that takes you through the cosmos (thanks Danny).

I was so looking forward to Scott Pilgrim – it seemed to have all the ingredients that I should love – but I was pretty bummed out by it, and was waiting for it to be over. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood, but something about it seemed… like bait. I had the feeling they were tossing in the video game nostalgic elements as a lure rather than out of love for the era. The highlight was the 16-bit Universal logo. Granted I haven’t read the book and I’m only commenting on the filmmakers, not Bryan Lee O’Malley. I’m very much interested in reading the books!

Also, we have a new housemate. Oliver’s the best.

Neat Things

It’s been a while (that seems to be becoming a trend around here). I’m trying to purge some time-wasters/noise (Facebook, Twitter), so hopefully I can breathe new life into this space.

Maurene sent me this blog, assuming I would love it, and she is correct: Things Organized Neatly. This is pretty much what I do in my head to all objects I see throughout the day, or whatever’s on the coffee table, etc. In Khang-speak, it warms my heart to see these postages.

Here’s an article about a confinement technology for nuclear fusion. Some of it is over my head, but it seems like a novel and promising approach to this problem.

Check out this visualization of all the nearby asteroids discovered between 1980-2010. At first it seems quite alarming to see this cloud of potential danger, but these dots aren’t to scale so you have to keep in mind how small these actually are (relative to the planets).

Check out this Japanese technology to convert plastic/trash into oil. I believe there are a bunch of variations on this technology in existence, but this particular video has a charming air about it.

The future is now. This is the beginning of a real-life sci-fi horror story. I love it.

Ok, so that was just a bunch of links that I needed to get off my desktop – a lazy blog post. I need to gather my thoughts for some more personal stuff later.