Things on Paper

The Appelhans’ are a talented bunch. If you’re my friend, you most likely know of [one of them]( Want proof that they’re a *bunch*? Check out [Kira’s awesome work](! Mo showed me a couple of her prints a few months ago and I loved them immediately. They walk the line between abstract and science – in my opinion a 180° turn from pure abstract (which I can’t really handle). Enjoy the texture and aesthetic! In fact, looking again at the image above, I think it would make a beautiful album cover.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been working on [illustrations]( for Memori #3. I know, it seems as though as it’s been five years since #2, but the project is not forgotten! I made some drawings for #3 a *long* time ago, but I was never satisfied with the characters in the scene (to be honest I’m still not satisfied with the characters in #2), so I resisted from pressing forward with lame source material. Anyway, here are some of the drawings for the next Memori!

Thanksgiving has been nice and relaxing so far. I’m spending the weekend with the family in Temecula and we’ve purposefully set out to have a low-key holiday. Good food, local wanderings, lots of geocaching with my brother, visited the Palomar observatory and other nearbies. Happy Thanksgiving!

Something we can be thankful for: [unfiltered google search results](

I’ll send you off with a science section!
– [This is one of the most promising articles I’ve read in a long time… a possible cure for MS.](
– [An interesting article about microbes that create fuel.](
– I’ve been watching all the STS-129 mission videos, but there are too many to link. Just enjoy [NASA’s youtube channel](

Show Your Feathers

So our self-proclaimed pet [peacock]( has been somewhat of an annoyance. He’s a little too proud for his own good (in general), but the other day I awoke to loud noises in the kitchen. I thought one of my housemates was cooking obnoxiously, but lo and behold it was Peacock, knocking over pots and pans. No big deal I thought, I’ve seen him wandering our halls before, but he outdid himself. He was constantly pecking at the glass screen door, trying to escape, and worked himself into such a frenzy that he must have pooped every five minutes. All over the floor. For some reason (he’s a bird?) he couldn’t just leave through the open back door, how he got in. Oh well… at least our floors are concrete.

So I don’t think the prednisone did anything. Well, it changed things so that my leg is now constantly on fire. I’m not sure if this is a normal condition of sciatica, but I have an appointment with a neurologist tomorrow to at least find out what the heck is wrong with my back/leg. I can’t really sit. Or stand. Or lie down. It’s a little hard to just be. I really really miss playing basketball, and I’ve been catching most of the Laker games this season which is a little masochistic.

[Cosmos]( is a beautiful series, and I’m definitely sad that it’s over. I watched some more [Charlie Rose interviews with Carl Sagan](, and I’m almost as angry as the man himself that he passed away so early. Such a champion of the scientific method, of exploration, of curiosity should have lasted longer. In any case, it’s re-ignited my fascination with space and I’m hunting down space videos, NASA updates, and any other related material in my spare time. More specifically, I’ve been following mission [STS-129]( (Space Shuttle Atlantis) – all the briefings, videos and updates. The [NASA iPhone app]( is a wonderful resource for this.

Halloween prompted a pumpkin-carving party, and a Napoleon Dynamite-themed cast of characters (I was Pedro). We went to the Hollywood madness on Santa Monica Blvd, but didn’t want to try and park out there, so we parked downtown and took the bus. For almost 3 hours. Along with a ton of other disgruntled, in-costume passengers. It was actually pretty funny and somewhat memorable (along with some entertaining new acquaintances). [Photos](


Our Nucleus [five-year show]( came and went, and we enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces at the event. I was a little bit overwhelmed, it was hard to talk to everyone, but I’m glad everyone made it out! Back to work, marching towards the 10-year show…