Sorry, blog. I’ve been seriously lagging with any updates, but my desktop is cluttered with little tidbits that I’ve been saving up and I can’t handle the mess. In an attempt to power through this, I’m not going to try and cleverly string all the topics together.

First off, I’m loving the new Muse album, The Resistance. It’s brilliant and very queen-esque (in a good way), but still very Muse. The songs feel more open than Black Holes and Revelations but I don’t think it’s an emptiness, just a patient space between that feels relaxed. The melodies are slightly more nostalgic and less 80’s, but man are they beautiful. Cannot wait until they come through LA on this tour; there’s probably about 30 of us going.

A couple weekends ago we went on a Yosemite trip with Khang & co., which was a good time to take a bunch of photos again (it’s been a while). Saturday was absolutely perfect weather for exploring and hiking, and Sunday ushered in the first snowfall of the season. The recent fire revealed a landscape that was simultaneously sad and awesome. So picturesque and serene! I think the weirdest part was getting there Friday night and walking in on everyone playing Backwords and going crazy. I haven’t seen people that excited playing my iPhone games! It would have made a great commercial. We also had the most epic game of Ro Sham Bo – it was almost half an hour of ties. I’m not joking. People were screaming.

I don’t know if this is of any interest, but it is to me. My Jetta is finally all fixed up… new rearview mirror, new windshield, all scratches removed, and the trunk stays closed again. That’s a lot of damage for not actually ever getting in an accident. That cursed gate that fell on the car three times is out of my life.

Watching Mo’s yarn winder is mesmerizing. I’m going to need to get one at some point.

Danny, Chris and I have attempted 4 or 5 geocaches and I have to say, it’s fun! It brings out the treasure-hunting kid in you, and you find yourself hanging around and exploring locations right around you that you’d never give a second a glance otherwise. The last one was up on top of a local hill in Eagle Rock, and there was a camera inside the cache requesting a photo of the treasure hunters, so we obliged.

If you’re interested in the Last Guardian, check out the brief video with Fumito Ueda above. It has some new clips of the game, which is obviously looking beautiful. I love the fluttering of the feathers – the animal is so full of life.

Nucleus was a proud co-sponsor of Street Fighter Bar Fights II here at Jake’s in Pasadena, and it was a good time! It was more organized than the first event, but I’m not sure in an entirely good way. Unless you were right amidst the players, it took forever to actually see any matches, or for the general public action to get started. There were a bunch of big name pros, but we had to head out early.

I’ve always been curious about the Ice House in Pasadena, and it was a great opportunity to check it out since Chris had a few tickets for us from his stand-up class. I’ve only been to a comedy club a few times, but this was painful. It was a chore to watch most of the bunch, and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself when the comedians are so not funny… it makes me embarrassed for humans and I squirm. I think Danny was in agony (he was actually holding his head in his hands). A 2-drink minimum at least helps you laugh out loud – whether it’s with or at the comedian is a different story.

Last Cannon made it into Edge Magazine’s Top 50 iPhone games! What a treat! I had no idea about this, Khang had to let me know (you’d think they’d let the developers know), so I picked up a copy. It’s neat to see a (quite honest) review of the game in print, especially amongst such great company.

Speaking of the iPhone, I find myself wanting to drag the contents of windows on my mac up and down with my mouse instead of using the scroll bars (or wheel). I’m flicking the page, like you do on the phone, but nothing happens. You know they nailed the interface when you end up trying those gestures by mistake on other devices.

Science Section!

  • This story about the Pitch Drop Experiment is fascinating. To think that this material is 100 billion times more viscous than water, and has been dripping in the jar for 77 years, and no one passing by has ever seen it actually drip is, well… charming!

  • You guys know that I love anything to do with Octopi, and this article discusses building better robot arms using Octopus tentacles as an efficient example. It touches on the dynamic nature of an Octopus’ nervous system (rather than a central location sending main signals, like us).

  • Elephants talk to each other through the ground. Read.

  • The levitating train! This is a great demonstration and a great explanation of the mag lev phenomena.

That’s about it for now. The reason for my absence is pretty much sciatica. A visit with the doctor revealed the source of my back/leg woes after that fateful last basketball game – an irritated sciatic nerve. So I’m couch-ridden for 6 days with some high dosages of Prednisone. I’m not a fan of any drugs, but these are seriously messing with me. They keep me awake for 20+ hours, my stomach feels like it’s on fire whenever I eat, and my whole body is buzzing, like I’m electrified. Only 3 days left – hopefully it allows for the nerve to heal. I’ve been limping around for a month and I’m dying to play some bball again (especially since the Laker season is starting up now).

A Couple Sketches

Sketched some Victorian buildings (from photo reference). I think I’d like to go sketch-crawling soon.