Last Cannon 1.2

The update to Last Cannon has finally been approved (30+ days)! If you’ve already purchased the game, simply update from the App Store. If you haven’t, check it out! Here’s what’s new in 1.2:

  • global leaderboards
  • touch control
  • smoother control
  • invert tilt option
  • change settings in-game
  • graphics/sounds/interface enhancements

Game #2 is about 95% complete. We had a great usability testing session (party) last week and it went well – a room full of laughter. Took a bunch of notes, making some last minute changes and will give it another round of testing, then it’s off to the App Store.

In other news I’m just about wrapping up my first beanie. Pictures to follow…

Space and Time

Go see Moon. It’s a breath of fresh air, a clever story, a lonely and wonderful experience, and a homage to your sci-fi favorites. It’s not perfect, but it walks the line between very good and great. Some aspects of the plot are surprising and this is perhaps the best part… I kept waiting for what I expected to happen, and it kept not happening. I’ve said before, my favorite films are the ones that actually tell me a story, that tell me what happened, not how something happened that I’m already expecting.

Dredg’s new album is out: The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion. I’ve been listening to it and although I’m really enjoying (parts of) it, I’m starting to believe that they’d have a much better sound with a different singer. It pains me to say that as Dredg’s music was the soundtrack for many fond memories (mostly college), but I think the musicians have outgrown the vocals. I love the music and like the vocals; that about sums it up.

Pixar’s Up tugged at the heartstrings. It’s a beautiful yet subdued film, and definitely more mature in subject matter than their previous lineup. It was hard to hold back tears during the introduction, and I swear every time Carl pulled out his wife’s journal, I couldn’t handle it. Up isn’t a visual tour-de-force… it felt more like a regular cartoon film, and I mean this in a positive way. The visuals take a back seat to a slow, relaxed and endearing story. If you’re a romantic, you’ll most likely enjoy it.

I’m in a basketball league, and we’re getting worked. I mean, worked. It’s fun to be out there, and I can actually say this and mean it literally: we’re way out of our league. There are brief moments of brilliance though, and it almost makes it all worth it.

Probably one of the greatest things I came across the last couple of weeks is the official blog for Maru. I couldn’t get enough of the YouTube videos, and lo and behold – a continuously updated journal chronicling the adventures of the greatest cat! Next time I’m in Japan, I hope to meet Maru, but for now the blog will do. Enjoy quality photos and vids! It can’t be long before I get a cat…

Moving on to other Tokyo-related matters, here’s a nice tilt-shift video of said metropolis. You know my obsession with tilt-shift photos and videos (and Tokyo), so this is a delight.

Obligatory science section:

And finally, the Lakers. Are. The. Best. High five, take a breather, let’s do it again next year!