I’m beat, but today was a relaxing day of catch-up. Saturday’s Street Fighter show was madness. Costumed crazies and a shoulder to shoulder packed house all night long. The tournament was pretty exciting, with plenty of cheering and some epic moments of reflexes. There were a few pros in the competition which made the final few matches pretty intense and interesting. Some awesome Akuma, Dhalsim, Chun Li and El Fuerte mixups, with El Fuerte (boo) claiming champion. There’s been a bunch of buzz, videos and blogging about it around the web, so I’ll try and laundry-list some of the interesting links:

– [google results](
– [blog posts](
– [the crazy cosplay contest](
– (
– [all the pieces from the show!](

This week is awesome because there’s a new Maru video. Enjoy and wish that Maru was your cat.

The last couple Sundays have been true Summer days – swimming with friends at Ben’s and all-day at the park for Kazu’s birthday. What did we do? Food. More food. Defend-the-Jacuzzi-with-a-Stick. Frisbee. Dodgeball. 5-inning kickball. Catch. Food. Next Sunday continues the tradition with camping for Chris’ birthday. Awesome!

I spent today preparing all the assets and promotional materials for my iPhone game, Last Cannon, and shipped it off to the App Store! Right now it’s “In Review,” so let’s see how long it takes it get approved (or rejected). :)

Ultra Combo Finish

This Saturday is the Jab Strong Fierce Street Fighter tribute show at Nucleus. This might be the most anticipated show for me since SF has carved a little home in my heart since childhood, and the recent release of SFIV has revived it. I photographed all the pieces today and I have to say… you’re not gonna want to miss it. Raffle prizes, a costume contest and of course the SFIV tournament will span the evening.

Speaking of Street Fighter, we checked out [Bar Fights]( at Jake’s in Old Town a few weeks ago. I thought we’d be the only people there, or at most 10-20 people. Boy was I wrong. It was basically an underground concert, full of enthusiastic and cheering SF fans. There was a few hundred people crammed into the basement of Jake’s bar, watching the screens and going nuts. It was infectious and a blast! They also gave a shout out to our show this Saturday, which was much appreciated.

If you’re still not sick of Street Fighter, check out this match in the recent SFIV International Tournament between Iyo (Dhalsim) and Daigo (Ryu). These guys are *good.* If you don’t play SF, this might look random. But it’s not. It’s real-time, high-speed chess (as my friend [Eric]( puts it). You might remember Daigo from the infamous comeback, and he also went on to beat Justin Wong and win this tournament.

Ok that’s enough. On to some more peaceful news, my brother and a friend recently opened The Hummingbird Cafe in Santa Barbara (and I chipped in a little bit). It’s right on the corner of State & Figueroa, formerly Java Jones. Opening night was shoulder-to-shoulder packed and good times. If you’re in the neighborhood and in the mood for fresh organic food, drinks or tamales, be sure and stop by.

For the science folks:

– [The Living Robot](
– [Bacteria’s Amazing Communication System](

The second video is truly incredible, and I’ve already sent it around to a bunch of you guys. Bonnie Bassler is brilliant and the future is bright.

I’m just about done with my iPhone game. Thanks to all those who have been testing it and sending feedback the last couple of weeks. I’ve squashed the bugs and tweaked the gameplay and it’s ready for center stage. I’ll probably submit it to the App Store tomorrow or Monday, and the approval process should take a couple weeks… stay tuned!

Last but not least, this month is out of control with birthdays. So happy birthday to you all, in alphabetical order: [Chris](, [Curtis](, [Emma](, [Jane](, James, and [Kazu](!


Our new website is up. We put a ton of work into nifty improvements, improved flow and new features. Enjoy!