The iPhone is Not a Phone…

… it’s a smaller-than-a-laptop computer (pocket-top?). This has been said before, and I say it in both a positive and negative sense. Positive being, it does some incredible things. Negative in that you can’t treat it like a phone.

If you do treat it like a phone, Apple won’t be there for you if you happen to drop it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent thousands on their products, converted a bunch of your friends and businesses to Apple users, and self-diagnosed your G4 Powerbook’s woes because the geniuses couldn’t figure it out (even though it was right there in the system logs).

Not only will they not be there for you, but they won’t be there for you ever again with your precious “phone” because you dropped it – it voids the warranty for any problems you’ll ever have for it in the future. If you want, you can get the screen fixed for the same price as a brand new 3G model. Makes sense, right?

I’m not shrugging off responsibility. I did drop the phone. Just don’t call it a phone, that’s all. I also still love the darned thing, and everything else seems like a step back in time. But so far, I’ve never been helped by Apple through any problem with any product, AppleCare or no AppleCare.

There’s a reason why AppleCare is so expensive. If they had very few problems, it wouldn’t be.

Rant over. By the way, I really liked Benjamin Button… I guess it struck a chord. Doesn’t seem to be the case with my friends. Maybe I was just in the mood.

Happy Holidays and Stuff

My gift to you… 3 inspiring science articles:

Christmas has been all well and good this year with plenty-a-cousin in town. My parents’ house has been packed with relatives which makes every occasion simultaneously joyous and frenzied. A while back we had been traveling to Miami every Christmas to visit them, so it’s nice to host them out here and witness them enjoy a little California mini-trip. We spent the day in San Diego today, and tomorrow they’re off to Big Bear and San Francisco.

Christmas day itself marked the end of Boston’s 19-game streak at the hands of the Lakers. You can’t ask for a more storybook prelude to this years’ finals than that.

This has literally taken up two whole days of time for several of us:

And while they may seem a little standoffish in this photo, Hassuni and Simsa have been especially friendly this week… perhaps they’re in the holiday spirit:

Before the trip out here, we had a Nucleus (and friends) Christmas party, complete with horrible sweaters and a white elephant exchange. I think I ran away with the greatest gift, and if you know me it couldn’t be more fitting. Next month will be Razzmatazz heaven.

It’s fun being out here (though I gotta fix some computer problems tomorrow), but I am excited to head back to get back to work on some fun projects.

Once, Upon a Time…

It looks like Pearl Jam is going to re-release ten. They’ve always said in interviews that in retrospect they felt it was too wet, too many effects, not raw enough, etc. The re-release will include a remixed version of the album (they worked with Brendan O’Brien), and I’m excited to hear it in a drier form. That album was a huge part of my teenage years and early guitar playing. I guess it also comes with some reproductions of the original Mamasan demo tape and Eddie Vedder’s notebook. Ha!

James and I successfully completed a major milestone on the Memori, to outstanding results! The last remaining materials are on the way and construction should be complete within a week. All will be revealed soon… stay tuned!

Nucleus Co-Lab Craft Fair

We’re having a massive craft fair / bazaar at Nucleus this Sunday from 10:00am – 5:00pm. There will be over 20 vendors offering awesome handmade gifts, perfect for Christmas. It’s probably going to be madness, but you should be able to score some great items.

At the same time, there will be 300+ pieces in the gallery from previous shows up for silent auction. Part of the proceeds raised will go to the Red Cross to help those affected by the recent California wildfires. Check out the art – it’s a great opportunity to take some home at ridiculous prices as bidding will start at 50% of it’s original price. You’ll be able to check out and bid on all the pieces online as well.

Arca Memori, Continued