The Great Great Grandshow

Come enjoy olden times at Gallery Nucleus – this evening – featuring the awesome work of Graham Annable, Jon Klassen, Israel Sanchez, and Scott Campbell. Not only will they all be in attendance, there will also be a live old-timey pianist, a large cut-out for taking photos in, and the Great Great Grandshow book available for pre-order. Sweet!



August 25th. Can’t. Wait.


I don’t get to see my cousins that often so it was nice to hang out with them for a few days last week. They had quite an adventurous, star-studded day in LA that most of us who live here don’t experience.

Geometry Wars 2 is out and is pretty fun. They tried to add some objectives, tried to give it a point, and it’s both good and bad. I like the Pacifism mode the best so far – no shooting, just dodging.

I got a new lens (EF 50mm f/1.8 II) and so far I really dig it. This specific lens is a pretty popular prime with overwhelmingly positive reviews, and it’s not very expensive, so I had to quell my curiosity. I tested it out in Big Bear last weekend (helping Rad & Mandy with their cabin yard sale and checking out the classic car show). You can see photos here.

I haven’t seen much of the Olympics yet because I don’t have TV. I’ve seen some clips online and there’s some inspirational stuff out there. I still want to see the 4-hour opening ceremony at some point.

I’m learning Cocoa (the Objective-C API) and it’s elegant. It reminds me of Ruby on Rails (model-view-controller architecture), but for native OS X desktop apps. It’s training for maybe writing an iPhone app or two in the future.

28 Years Later

I basically had two birthday dinners, both overwhelmingly festive. The first was Korean BBQ, a collection of old and new friends, way too many people, and way too much soju and Hite. Lots of laughs and meat and jolly red faces make a great night. The second was more friends, killer pizza, fun gifts and jolly sober faces.

10,230 days…

I have traveled far / I can play guitar / I can shoot a three / At the top of the key / My shins were sore / But not anymore / I have loved and learned / I have been burned / I have more friends / And a camera lens / I still play games / And hang up frames / I code a web cart / For all this art / I have made money / It's taken from me / I'm drawing again / I think of the end / I still dream of space / One I can chase / I still can't cook / Or finish a book / But in between / I still read / I want to know why / How can I fly / I trust less / I'm more of a mess / I'm more together / A messy forever.