I've been making a point of spending more time with my neglected moleskine the last few evenings (with our good friends Mr. Hi Tec C and Ms. Copic), and it feels great – mostly messing around with some Bridgman-sketches and doodles. For some reason it's been easier to tune out lately.


Comics, Totoros and Flying Pigs

If you're in the San Diego area this weekend, be sure to stop by the Nucleus booth and wish Ben a happy birthday. And buy some prints or shirts or bags. And meet some awesome artists.

There's a giant airship in our gallery right now. Airships are never a bad idea.


Something incredibly neat: The Totoro Forest Project art show. This show will be in September, hosted by Pixar and features an amazing assortment of artists (some friends, some new). The exhibition/auction will raise funds to support the Totoro Forest Foundation which was founded by Miyazaki. I was lucky/happy to assist with a little bit of web coding that they needed for the artist submissions – I'm in the credits! Anyway, hope to see you at Pixar on September 6th – it will definitely be a memorable evening.

Speaking of Miyazaki, I watched Porco Rosso again last night. Man I love that movie. A pig-faced pilot, love, and adventure over the Mediterranean – what more could you ask for? 

Yesus Cristo

Ah, they must-a love-a the Yesus.

Nerd alert: we are in the process of remaking Settlers of Catan, except this one is called Settlers of Arabia. Expect plenty of purposefully-ignorant racism to ensue. I'll take some photos when we start making the pieces.

I really loved the Dark Knight on many levels. It's not a perfect movie, but it's up there with the best of them. Great action, great acting (I know it's a cliche to point this out, but Mr. Ledger's performance is amazing), and great themes. Best of all, it wasn't laced with predictable happy-endingness. I don't like movies where the villain is just unexplainably crazy, and that's that. They've gotta have motivations, reason and purpose. In fact, if you can like certain aspects of the villain, even better. There was a bit of push and pull in the directing… just as Nolan would let the film become intelligent, he'd realize this was Batman after all, and return to a bit of silliness (justifiably so). Still, it leaves me wanting a smart, dark, and brutal film from Nolan outside of the Batman universe. I bet it would rock.

There is a pattern among negative reviews of (extremely) popular movies. They are peppered with an excess of big words. Thesaurus-style words. And overly-complex sentences. They reek of over-compensation. Yuck.


We spent all day (about 10 hours) Sunday at the beach for Mo’s birthday – catching frisbees, baseballs and bubbles, eating snacks, napping, lighting fires, and playing what-would-you-rather-do. Another lazy, valuable, Sunday.

Here’s an unrelated thumbnail.


Breathing Underwater


We spent all day at the gallery preparing for Systema Naturae II: Submerged. It's a powerful array of artists, and Andrea Offermann's pieces are flooring me – so versatile! Be sure to stop by tonight, 7pm – 11pm.

Happy birthday, Maurene! I am definitely looking forward to occupying all of Sunday with frisbee-ing at the beach.

The iPhone 2.0 update is pretty sweet. Lots of neat little apps to make your phone more useful/fun in the appstore – check 'em out. I was in old town clothes-shopping and the Apple store line was all the way around the block. Crazy.