If a Robot had a Soul


I loved Wall-E: a super-simple, beautifully-designed, funny love story – with fat, stupid, gelatinous future-humans. It doesn't hurt that I have always been obsessed with robots, especially the kind with  a "soul." The first third of the film is a gem; it's quiet, relaxed, slow (in a positive sense) and poetic. Music by Thomas Newman! Go see it.

I'm also really digging B'z these last couple of days (thanks Tanya!)… so much energy. It would be sweet to see them live, especially in Japan.

The Lego Vault

Gizmodo recently toured Lego's headquarters and had the privilege of entering the vault: a collection of every Lego set ever made. If, like myself, these sets were a huge part of your childhood, you might find this short video touching and nostalgic. The Johnny Cash tune is icing. Here's a snippet from Gizmodo's article that sums it up nicely:

"You know what I'm talking about, those were the days and all that jazz. But for real. Feelings and moments from times when everything was innocent and your only concern was the amount of cocoa in your cereals, your bike, and a big carpet full of Lego bricks."

It's a good read, and I can understand the author getting a little teary while holding those boxes. It's not the magical little bricks themselves, it's the memories surrounding each of those sets that is Lego – from castles to pirates to towns to spaceships.

Blood Suckers

6:27am. Relentless, blood-sucking mosquitos have succeeded in keeping me from my appointment with the Sandman. They, with the efforts of their sidekick Mr. Heat, have ruined my evening. Again. As in, just like last night. Tonight calls for Plan B, which I will have to invent today.

Maybe Next Year

Lakers got face-lifted.

Pandas, Forests, Sports


Congratulations, Phil & company! Kung Fu Panda is awesome! I was laughing out loud for much of the movie (thanks to Jack Black), but it was also a beautiful picture – probably Dreamworks' best-looking to date. I'll have to pick up the art book (which we just got at Nucleus).


Tonight is Into the Woods at Nucleus, featuring the works of Chris, Kazu, Cat, Robert Kondo, and Yoko Tanaka. These are some of my favorite artists and friends, so I might be biased, but this is probably one of my favorite shows so far. The collection is very special and sincere, and if you're a fan of these artists you won't want to miss it – they're very hard on themselves. The show comes complete with painted tree branches, and a live performance by The Modlins. See you there… 7pm – 11pm.

So we ended up making it to the kickball championship, which we lost even after being up 6-0 in the first inning. I won't get into the details, but it was as heartbreaking as kickball finals get (I imagine). The top two teams get invited to compete in the state finals in Vegas, which includes us, but we're turning that down. Not only did we not expect to make the kickball championship (since it's our first time in a kickball league… and these other teams practice), we didn't know this went beyond Pasadena. That's enough though… kickball is over.

And so are the Lakers. Boy did they suck. It's actually really hard to lose when you're up by 24, but somehow they made it happen. I love them – especially this year's team – but it's pretty obvious who the better team is, and the better team is winning the series. They are not going to beat Boston 3 in a row. Oh well… bunker down and practice for 2009.