Family Days

Happy birthday, bro! Happy mother's day, mom! Don't worry, the Lakers will win the next 2.


Many a carnation was handed out at La Femme, and the pieces have been selling well, both at the show and online. If you're still looking for a great, late, Mother's Day gift, check out the show.

A bunch of us joined a Pasadena kickball league a while back, and I have to say, our team is pretty awesome. We've improved (as much as one can in kickball) over the course of the season; last week we beat the previously undefeated team, and this week we won 7-0. Next week is the playoffs, let's see if we can go all the way. If we can't, well, it's kickball.

This weekend is another trip to the big bear cabin… bike riding, great food, and great food photos. 

There Will Be Blood

Wonderful film. In every regard. Purchase it, watch it and take it in. Recommended with a nice tall glass of having seen Iron Man the day before for full effect.

Iron Man

The design for the suit is great and Robert Downey Jr. played his part well, but that's about it. You've seen this movie before. It's not bad, but that doesn't mean it's good. It's safe and boring.

Mario Fart

Mario Kart Wii is one giant bundle of stress. I fancy myself a pretty awesome mario kart driver, complete with sweet drifting ninja skills. It's too bad it doesn't matter in the Wii version, because the artificial support the tail end of the caravan gets is insane. It basically boils down to an alley brawl, except it's 11 on 1, and they all get machine guns, and you get a wet napkin. It is actually better to stay behind for the first lap and a half so as not to be bombarded, then take first place for the next lap, and then hope to dear god that you can survive all the lightning bolts, pows and blue shells headed your way.

You're actually lucky if you can enjoy 5 solid seconds of continuous driving.

Oh well, at least the Miis look cute while driving. 

One Electral Art

Power in Numbers 3 was a big success and marked our official re-opening of Nucleus (at the new location). I had fun manning the gallery register and talking with buyers… definitely a refreshing change of pace from all the coding. Check out the photos.

The next show is La Femme, our sequel to the first Girl Show. All female artists celebrating all female subjects. Carnations, cookies, art and females. Stop on by… A few weeks ago we had a house-warming/Jamie's birthday party, which morphed into artists in one room and Patagonians in another. This was all to be predicted. It's sorta funny how that works out.

Have you ever noticed that rare things come in waves? For example, I don't think I've flashed my headlights at cars with their lights off for a few years, but I swear I had to do it almost every night last week. Something else happened a lot that has never happened before but I forgot what it was. Nice.

Bought some watercolors (thanks for the tips, Chris). Will try them out.

Went to Emma's birthday at Hotel Figueroa. Realized how low my tolerance has become.

Went to Chris' birthday. Ran into tree during badminton while attempting to return a long shot. Racket got stuck in tree.

Can't wait for Wii Fit, seems fresh. Mario Kart Wii in the mail. GTA IV is great fun.

Finished April's song. It has been more of an exercise for learning some new software / tools / synths / processes. Basically rewiring some old workflows from college days with new resources. Can't wait for next month's, getting started now.