Numbers are Increasing

Jamie is one year older (happy birthday, Book Wormhole), and Power in Numbers is one unit higher. Check out our biggest show of the year, tomorrow evening: 100+ artists, tons of 5×7 pieces of various mediums, and part of the proceeds going to charity. See you there.

What the.

Last night I dreamt that I couldn't sleep.

Last Month’s Recap


Kazu got Amy a telescope for her birthday, and I got to assemble it the night before we surprised her. It's pretty amazing looking at everything through it – the moon, stars, nebulae – but I have to say the highlight is Saturn. I can't believe how crisp it is… it looks like a little vector drawing! It truly makes you feel small…


We spent the last month or so putting the finishing touches on our new gallery (lots of overtime, floor-painting, plasma-screen browser setting-upping, bookshelf building, light rigging, inventorying), and opened with the Blizzard show. Everyone seemed to really dig the new space; it was nothing but positive feedback the entire evening. We followed it up with a Scott Campbell signing to promote the alternate cover for the King of Kong documentary – complete with a (somewhat exciting) Donkey Kong high score competition. I'm a big fan of the film (it's more of an analysis of character rather than video games), as well as Scott Campbell, so I got my fix of game-playing and print-signing. As always, I took a bunch of photos here and here.


Our next show is the official grand opening and gallery-warming event: Power in Numbers 3. I believe there are over 100 artists this time around, all contributing 5×7 pieces marked at $100, with part of the proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation. It's going to be massive, hectic, entertaining and festive – don't miss it! Saturday, April 12th, 7-11pm.

Finished laying out Kotori's March issue. 

I joined a kickball league. My team is the Fortress of Awesome. We are 1-3. Not too awesome.

I sort-of went to the Griffith Observatory last weekend.

I pretty much still miss Japan when I'm reminded of it. I need to do something about that.

In a general, no-good funk.