Crows in the Snow

I made these two posters for John, so he can use them for his gig ads. It was a perfect opportunity to sit down and paint something (since it’s been so long), and reminded me of our middle school days when John would thumbnail a strip and I’d redraw it. I always thought his thumbs were far better than the final product. Always. I think we’re gonna go with the less-rendered, simple poster on the left.

Lego turned 50 today, and it is probably my oldest best-friend. So much of my childhood was occupied arranging those little bricks into cars, robots, houses, pirate- and spaceships, trains and castles. I remember dumping the giant bucket on my room floor, and the whole day was gone. Lego is the best. Happy birthday, Lego.

Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday Danny! Karaoke was a blast, and it’s a good thing Maurene and Katherine came to translate the Korean controls for us. Hope you enjoy the mixer, I expect nothing less than hilarious podcasts from this day forth. And thanks for being such an awesome friend, from serious to ridiculous.

My interest started to waiver in Death Note, but then I’ll watch another episode and a new twist will hit me with a surprise left. We watched part one of the live-action film the other night, and it was pretty awesome; I thought the casting for Yagami Light and Ryuzaki L was spot-on. Must order a Ryuk figuring soon…

The next couple weeks will be filled with moving the Nucleus to it’s new location. I’ll try and document some of it with photos, but it’s going to be hectic.

Apples Raided my Desk

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This thing is marvel.

Never Grow Stale

The Nature of Water / Bruce Lee show was a resounding success! The attendance was enthusiastic and dense, the yellow jumpsuits were in rear-form, lonely prizes found new homes and the spirit of Mr. Lee spoke through the pieces. Check out some photos and a video of the look-a-like contest.

A couple days ago Kazu, Amy, Phil and I visited James Baxter’s animation studio in Pasadena – this can be labeled “inspiring.” It was soooo cool (read in a twelve – year – old – boy – voice)! Amidst warm cubbies and hanging artwork we met some of the artists (including Baxter himself), discussed film (I mostly listened), and were treated to some sneak peaks of recent work (which we can’t discuss) and pencil tests. Man! It makes me even more anxious for…

My new Wacom Cintiq! Which hasn’t arrived yet! It should be here any day now, and expect a flood of drawings in the next few posts as I put it through its paces. There aren’t a ton of reviews of it online yet, but Wacom’s track record is rock-solid (has anyone even heard of a problem with one of their tablets?), as is my Intuos and my Graphire before it. I’m excited to finally draw on the screen itself, rather than the disconnect of looking at one screen and drawing elsewhere (which sort of makes me feel like a ghost somehow; it’s something I’ve never become 100% comfortable with).

While I wait for the electronic tablet of goodness to arrive, I’m enjoying Death Note. It’s smart, dark (but thoughtful) and well-executed. At first I thought the premise was a little gimmicky, but so far the psychology involved has depth, and that keeps me glued.

I spend most of my time at the studio hacking away at updates / fixes / enhancements to Core (the Ruby on Rails app running Nucleus’ systems), and I thought it might be fun (for someone?) if I went over the technology a bit (next post?).

Peace out (I use too many parentheses).

The Nature of Water

Tomorrow night is the Nature of Water show at Nucleus, inspired by the philosophies of Bruce Lee. It’s going to be a crazy show, with a Bruce Lee look-a-like contest, cool prizes, awesome artwork, several of us wearing yellow jumpsuits, and special guest-of-honor Shannon Lee. Check it out!

I’ve been battling a cold, and I’m determined to turn the tables tonight.