Testing the CORE

Today we officially began testing CORE in the store. Aside from not all the inventory being in the system, it went rather well, and I am very proud and excited. It is definitely the largest program I’ve worked on, and it couldn’t be for a better purpose. I can’t wait to fully go live (in a couple weeks), and for Phase 2: the new web site. Go team Nucleus!

I asked – she was flattered – but has a boyfriend. Darn!

Back to work.

It’s Hot Under that Mask

The Ninja Show was awesome – it was fun pretty much the whole night. Close to 1000 people came in and out of the gallery taking in the sweet ninja artwork, having drinks, hoping for ninja-related raffle prizes and giveaways, and keeping an eye out for costumed guests. I wore a ninja mask for about 10 minutes before it got ridiculously hot. The quality of the art was superb! I especially liked Scott Campbell’s piece… I’ll most likely try and get a print of it soon.

Work continues to pile on, and while I am buried in it like never before, I am also grateful that my problem is too much work rather than lack of it. I need to hand off most of my freelance projects… I’m going to focus on Nucleus, as I’ll be an official team member starting next month.

Friday night was Marco Polo in our pool, Saturday afternoon was a beach day… got a little burned (by the sun and in Trump), Saturday night was the Ninja Show, Sunday was dinner and Diddy Riese for Beth’s birthday. No more breaks this month!

The house hunt continues… found a great one… hope we get it… no time.

27-Year-Old Ninja

My friends are great. They gave me nice cards, gifts, comments, cake and home-cooked shabu shabu for my birthday. I am fortunate to be in such company. Thanks everyone!

This Saturday is the 2nd Ninja Show at Nucleus. Check out Ben’s awesome flier! The first show may have been the craziest Nuc opening yet, and this weekend’s will not disappoint. Tons of artists, tons of people, music, ninja-related artwork, drinks, prizes and lots of black. See you there!

Roller Coasters and Mummies

Although I’m completely overloaded with work and house-hunting, I took a much-needed one-day vacation to Magic Mountain with Kazu, Amy, Clio, Rusty, Becky, Vasilis and Iliad. I haven’t been there since Viper opened (10 years ago?) and there’s a whole slew of new coasters, of which a couple are amazing! Tatsu was pretty crazy – I felt like Superman flying through the air, twisting and weaving. X stole the show though – the first drop is so crazy and pretty much impossible to explain in writing. With so many coasters, the lines were all very fast and you end up riding more than in the past, which took it’s toll on my stomach. I think one more ride and the funnel cake we enjoyed would have been back outside of my body. Here’s someone’s youtube video of X:

Been drawing some mummies: