Many Things

(Someone else’s flickr photo from another show.)

Last night I saw one of my best friends John Craigie perform at Molly Malone’s – man it was the best I’ve ever heard him. He even busted out the banjo and it was one of my favorite songs of the night. I also got to catch up with some old classmates that I haven’t seen in about 10 years, and I’m looking forward to hanging out and playing guitar with John in our old stomping grounds later this week.

Live Free or Die Hard was actually pretty cool, and really fun.

Orbo is disappointing… my hope meter is running at about 3.7%…

I skipped out on Comic-Con this year and opted to visit my parents, get some work done, test a silk-screen printer with my dad, and finish up the final Harry Potter instead. Book 7 was way better than 5 and 6, but I wish the book ended about 30 pages before it’s real ending. At one point, I was like “that is powerful,” but then the situation immediately changed into a more canned, happily-ever-after scenario. Oh well, it was still very good. Everyone’s back in the studio after their long weekend at the Con, getting back to business. Good to have them back.

Now we have to find a place to move (yet again)… so the hunt continues.

Happy late birthday Ben – I am still hunting for an appropriate gift… something simple simply won’t do.

The Process show at Nucleus has a certain mood that I can’t describe, but I can show:

On a related note, the Nucleus system is almost ready to go live; some testing and inventory updates remain, then we’re gold! After that, it’s time to start phase 2 of the project and get the new website up (which I’m most excited about).

Side note: where have all the human beings carrying a conscience run off to? The more I hear about people’s behavior, the more I feel trapped in a circus of other people’s weaknesses, spinning. My hope-for-more-people-with-integrity meter is also at a shameful 2%. I’m lucky to be surrounded by some of the remaining few. My hope-for-good-hard-work-impacting-one’s-karma-level meter is a solid 74%, so… back to work!


Kazu just blogged this photo that Amy snapped, and I couldn’t help myself but add it to the Dusty collection. The mighty lion/sphinx/dog naps in our studio lounge:

Chillin’ in Nazareth

This is pretty awesome (I think):

Mariners in a Bowl

On Saturday we went to see the Decemberists play at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic backing them. The show was relaxed and jolly, and they played well. The orchestra was tasteful and appropriate – which is usually not the case with these mixture of genres – and I think only added to the magic of the evening. The haunting sound of Andrew Bird’s whistling and music was a great opener. The photos are from various flickr pools of the show… you can click each one to view their photos.

Tonight we saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And that is pretty much my review. I purchased a ticket and saw that movie. Yup.

Jamie and I finished overdubbing the trailer scene of Jurassic Park with new voices (same dialogue). Why are we doing this? Why not? My target to replace the audio for the entire film is June 11th, 2008. I might post up some video snippets as we complete them.

This seems pretty cool:


I feel anxious, and have since yesterday. I feel like something’s going on somewhere, something’s not right. I feel slightly uncomfortable, slightly awkward. What is it?