Went to see Pirates 3. Boy was that ever bunk. I mean, there’s a few fun parts, but it was pretty much a huge jumble of nothingness. Not only does it’s length peeve me (does every film now have to be at least two and a half hours?), but when every single character betrays every single other character, eventually you feel nothing and you don’t really care and or believe what anyone is saying anymore. You can’t have everyone do that. Like real life, eh? :D

They try to cover this up with two hours of exposition. That just ain’t fair.

Clutch the Big Bear

Friday night was Clutch at the Roxy, and Clutch rocked it. Club shows are so much cooler than their large arena counterparts – you’re so close, the sound is better, and it’s more like you’re just hanging out with the band rather than a formal viewing. Man they were so tight, so on-point, so solid. Clutch is one of those bands that has a live sound much bigger than their CDs… it is definitely the way to experience them.

This weekend we went up to big bear to relax at Rad and Mandy’s cabin. This means: amazing Mandy-cooking, an awesome group of people (including a pretty large Dreamworks posse), board games, movies, a night walk, drawing (and talking about drawing), sleeping bags everywhere, and an oh-so-relaxing boat rental and lake day trip. We have to go back… have to.

Tomorrow I’m off to SB for the week, then I’m on my own.

Life is Like a Pier

It’s made of metal and wood and pretty cold on the fringes, but breathtaking. Goleta pier is a great place for some un-interrupted thinking.

Magnetic Viscosity

There is a company called Steorn, and they have me very excited. I’ve been loosely following news surrounding the company ever since I read an article about their call to scientists the world over to test their “free-energy” technology and prove them wrong (they claimed to have broken the law of conservation of energy, and in a nutshell created a perpetual motion machine that produces clean, constant energy and has an efficiency rate that is > 100%). I won’t go into too many details here, because the story is a long one, but you can read about it here and here (thanks for the research, work buddies!). Steorn has discussed the involvement of magnets before, but recently they revealed more information about it… namely magnetic viscosity. The short explanation is that the law of conservation of energy does not take into account the amount of time that the work put into a system takes, and it can affect the amount of energy produced by a system. There is a slight latency when dealing with magnetic attraction, and if the work put in is faster than this latency, then you have a slight net gain in the energy coming out. I’m sure I’m messing this up completely. The humanitarian impact of free, constant, clean energy is ridiculous. There is a public demonstration in London in July, and I am seriously considering going… it’s too exciting/scary/intriguing (even if it is a hoax, which I hope it isn’t).

There is a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed, which looks incredible – but what impacted me the most was the song used, “Lonely Soul.” I immediately recognized the voice of Richard Ashcroft; he was the singer of The Verve, and Urban Hymns is one of my favorite albums of all time. I was super excited, did some research, and apparently he is one of many vocalists with the Unkle project. From what I’ve heard so far, the tracks sound really cool. Hot damn, new music!

Sitting in my hotel in sb, flatting pages for Amulet, patiently waiting for June.

Hotel Room