Alternative Press Exp- *sneeze*

Last Friday we headed up to SF for APE which was actually pretty relaxing despite my cold lasting through the weekend. On the way up we took the 101 to enjoy the hilly scenery (which was pretty amazing right after the rain). We stopped in mountainview to meet up with Eric Wu and some of his friends (from the startup Meebo) for dinner. Man, that place was weird – it was basically run by Googlers: all these super-polite, super-smart engineers walking around going about their business and leisure. It was actually quite nice, felt really weird. I was sort of drawn to the place… almost like I had never been to my home and I finally found it, but that’s an exaggeration. It was also sort-of creepy, in that perfect-town horror flick way.

We went to the Meebo offices for some old-fashioned four-square and nerf dart play time, and a technology demo of the Meebo platform from Sandy. Pretty impressive AJAX stuff going on there, it was neat. Then we went to see Hot Fuzz, which I know and believe was awesome but it was hard for me to concentrate because I had a pretty terrible headache.

The two days of the convention were occupied by: awesome artwork, helping the Nucleus booth, getting Chris to sign stuff, settlers of catan, the Gallery 1988 show (with live painting by Scott Morse from Pixar!), crepes, and books and art (including the piece by Johnny Siu pictured here, which I loved and bought).

On the way out of SF we stopped at Muir woods for some hiking and relaxation. The scenery was beautiful and the trees are amazing. Incredibly powerful, incredibly peaceful. Then it was back to LA, stopping downtown at Koraku ramen for some late-night noodles and beer, then back to the studio/Nucleus to unload the van, then bed. Check out the photos.

Going APE

I’ll be heading up to san fran for the weekend with the flight & nucleus crew to help out with and enjoy the alternative press expo. There’s going to be a lot of cool artists there and a lot of stuff to see and buy. See you there (maybe)!

it begins



amzu wedding music

i finally got around to (roughly) mixing the recorded tunes that jamie, chris and i performed at amy & kazu’s wedding. there’s a bunch of embarassing mistakes, but i think ashokan farewell came out particularly nice. give it a listen!