out of town

man there is so much going on! in a few days we leave for costa rica so i’m sort of flustered, trying to tie up all the loose ends between kotori, projects, work, mail, packing, etc. i’m de-coupling myself from all things electronic (except my camera and an emergency phone) for the trip, so that will be nice. i’ll have tons of photos and paragraphs when i return.

joshua tree was amazingly beautiful. in between massive piles of giant boulders grew thousands and thousands of, well, joshua trees – all evenly spaced and unique. you’ll see one that has just one stem, straight up in the air, and right next to it one that is all twisted with many branches going every which way. the nights were absolutely freezing, but the stars and coyote noises were worth it. during the day we climbed up some rock piles and laid out like lions for a while, eating some snacks and taking it all in. enjoy the photos!

early sunday morning i rushed back home (or at least, moved very slowly through traffic) to make it to amy & kazu’s surprise bachelor / bachelorette party. we started the day at speedzone with some go-cart racing (including watching a real car drive off the top of the freeway and land on the ground below – scary), some mini-golf (my team came in last which resulted in us having to wear some glittery sashes), and some dance revolution (it’s been a while). after the games we headed out to bar-celona in old town pasadena for some (delicious) food and wine. good times, good conversation, great people, surprised friends and a little buzz. the wedding should be a blast – it will be quite memorable and somewhat non-traditional. we’ll be performing some music after the ceremony… :)

tonight was an adventure that entailed picking up a bunch of furniture from dreamworks in burbank (using the most crazy old rickety truck) and moving it all to the new work/loft/studio, which is perhaps some of the most exciting news of all… but i can’t elaborate on all the details just yet. expect many blog posts about this soon. after that, i met up with allison for some daikokuya ramen in little tokyo. tomorrow i’ll leave for santa barbara for a couple days, leaving one day to finish up stuff for costa rica. man… it’s time for bed! zzz

riders on the storm

tomorrow we head out to joshua tree to camp for the weekend. hopefully it’s not raining, but the outlook is good. man, there’s been so much to do these last few weeks – it’s out of control! there’s a lot going on, so i’ll spread it out across the next few posts.

my room has become the kotori mailing center as i stamp and sort the subscription packages (there’s way more than what’s in this photo). there is something soothing about the stamping task… i don’t know what it is, but i always enjoy it. it’s also fun reading all the different names and addresses, some of them international. what i don’t enjoy is having to explain to the post office (every 3 months) the definition of bound-printed-matter. they also lost a very important christmas present that i worked on… post office: -2 points!


i can’t stop playing drums. one simple lesson, and i mean, hours go by. it’s addicting. every tiny new thing learned is such a huge discovery!

in other news, i’ve purchased my ticket to costa rica. we’ve roughly charted out our plan… next up is a 4×4 rental and some places to stay. can’t wait!

taste, tone, space

while buying some extra sets of guitar strings the other day, i picked up johnny a’s “taste – tone – space” dvd on a whim. he’s been one of my favorite guitarists for a long time and i thought it would be worth it enough to just watch some of the videos of the performances. the instructional parts after the performances are awesome! he goes through the ideas behind the progressions, melodies and timbres and plays many parts and solos slowly.

johnny a’s albums are instrumental and guitar-oriented, but they don’t feel that way. they feel lyrical and melodic and every track is a true, memorable “song.” a while back i got to see him perform in santa barbara, and i was tearing up at some points (though i had other stuff going on in my life at the time – he must have thought i was terrible moved). i highly recommend his albums to anyone and if you’re a fan and guitar player, the dvd is cool.

for some reason i’ve been sleeping on my futon for a few weeks now. i don’t know what’s up… it’s more comfortable than my bed.


i finally restored the pages of this site that have been missing for a while. when i moved to my new host, some of the scripts were broken so i had to fix all the references. while i was fixing things i changed some stuff around and the art and photo sections now use lokesh dhakar’s super-slick lightbox script. check it out!

the nucleus after these messages show is awesome. there are a ton of great pieces worth checking out, and for me (and most of my friends), this is one nostalgic show. all your favority saturday-morning-cartoon friends are represented, and they even served cereal!

looks like costa rica will be during the first week of march. arenal volcano hot springs, zip-line above the rainforest, cloud-forest walking, monkey-viewing, hammock-laying… can’t wait!