thatched-hut of catan

worst settlers of catan game ever. i’m the orange. yes, that’s right: the results of my efforts are a single road. and the robber is back on the desert. i moved him there in hopes that my opponent would win more quickly, to end my misery. this misery is compounded when your opponent is danny. a savage.

jamie and i headed to the studio to work on the grudge and a new song, and it was awesome. after he focused on some tough parts in some headphone-sessions, we ran through it a couple of times and it was powerful. i don’t think jamie’s snare drum has ever sounded so good… a combination of the gallery acoustics, it’s move back to a proper stand, and his (more) powerful hits… CRACK!

more sketches

i’ve been sketching the cat-man some more… i think we’re getting somewhere with this guy. we’ll see where he ends up; chessman joe and i are throwing around some ideas.

i’ve been watching deadwood on the recommendation from both jamie and nick, and it kicks ass. the acting is awesome and the characters are so strong. in fact, it’s so cool that it made me want to grow my ‘stache and mini-goatee out, so i did.

happy birthday danny! happy birthday nick!

viper assassination squad

kill bill ushered in the first of hopefully many thursday-movie-nights. fruit salad, chocolate chip cookies, beer, cheese, strawberry mochi, and blood spraying everywhere. here’s some more character doodles:


some more doodles escaped my hand today:

when asked what people like to do for fun, some people say they enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the movies, etc. but some people also say they enjoy having a good time – which is weird, if you think about it. can you not enjoy having a good time? does that even make sense? i know… i shouldn’t think about such things.

clutch it like a cornerstone

band practice tonight was awesome – the crunch, the timbre, the mutes, the rakes, the tone, the timing, the stomping and the feeling.

[1:37am update]
we’ve been staring at an odd light in the sky for a while now. it’s flickering red and blue, craziness! i looked it up and apparently it’s sirius. wow! apparently there will be another low-flying star on sunday, vega.