ofelia and faun

a couple nights ago a bunch of us went to see pan’s labyrinth. i didn’t know anything about the film going in (other than seeing the poster), and i was really impressed! i loved the story and the treatment. although the themes and concepts were very simple and done many times before, i think the mixture of fantasy and reality was fresh and kept me interested. emotionally, i thought it was strong but it still took me by surprise as i found myself slightly tearing up (i thought everyone else was too but apparently that wasn’t the case). it’s a cool movie, go see it!

amy’s brother was in town from hawaii, and we jammed for a couple hours. it was fun to free-form jam again (it’s been a while), with no specific goal in mind. we tried a few different styles but the bluesy/funky/rocky jams felt the most solid. all in all it was good to get out the gear and “breathe” again. as far as my band is going, we’re working on some covers to loosen up right now. last year seemed like a settling-in of sorts, and practices were somewhat forced and fell on mostly bad-timing. since we’ve taken a break, it feels right to start up again now, and everyone is pumped. stay tuned.

nick got an xbox360 for christmas, and i’m addicted to geometry wars. it’s a simple game that was only $5, but it’s awesome. i’m sure tonight i’ll have dreams of rhombi, circles and trapezoids.

what’s in the attic?

pardon the site as i re-do some stuff. the other pages will be back up once i get things squared away.

christmas is the subject…

…and merry it to all of you. it’s nice to be at my parent’s for a few days, instead of just a night or two. just had some of my mom’s falafel and stuffed grapeleaves, and that is what home tastes like. we’ll be heading out to san diego for christmas dinner with friends, hope everyone has a good time.

had dinner with techease and crew at something’s fishy in sb, was fun and tasty. go techease!

it was fun to exchange gifts with everyone this week. so many people, but i think i got some good gifts this year. we got a quick 4-player wii tennis game in before i headed out to my parents, and i have to say, i see more 4-player wii in the future.

on thursday, beth, james, hannah and i drove around to see some christmas lights. starting with st. albans might not have been a good idea, because ‘christmas tree lane’ and the balian ice cream house weren’t quite as impressive. i remember the ice cream house being absolutely incredible when i was little, but it seemed so plain the other night. is that just a case of things losing some magic as i get older, or did they really not put as much effort into it this year? or maybe some lights were just off?

i just re-read the post above, and man am i ever a boring writer! peace out.

wii are online

my first post from the wii. weird. hello world.

trapped in the belly of a whale

saturday was the imaginary spaces show at nucleus. i think the pieces may have been some of the most impressive i’ve seen so far. go check it out while it lasts!

it was pretty much a weekend of art viewing, as friday night was the public showing of all the art center grads’ work. it was a little overwhelming, and hard to appreciate in an environment like that (SO much art… SO much is the same). i think more of the pieces/artists could be appreciated more when taken individually. some of the photography was pretty striking though, and it was cool to run into some people i haven’t seen in a while as well.

the last few days have been spent recording jamie’s annual christmas album, and while it has been a tradition of his for a while to give this as a gift to family and friends, it has become somewhat of an informal tradition for me to act as audio engineer the last few years. which is awesome. because it’s so much fun. check out the photo of james above, there’s a freakin’ accordion this year (thanks chris)!

speaking of christmas, i’ve almost finished my gift shopping/creating, and it’s been really fun this year. the living room smells of tree, it’s cold outside, the fire’s on inside and the hot chocolate is on tap.