support your local folk singer!

i just finished reading osama tezuka’s graphic novel ode to kirihito. it’s a pretty quick and enjoyable read that touches on science, madness, love, lust, religion and judgement. all in all it isn’t amazing but definitely interesting.

the rokout festival was somewhat underwhelming, most likely due to poor planning. the turnout was super low for a festival of this size, the “VIP” area was basically a few couches behind a waist-high fence inside the main stage area, signs did not exist for anything (i mean anything… at first i thought i had the wrong night because the place was almost deserted), and those who did show up seemed to come from the same emo/goth high school party. i was inside watching the bands on the main stage for most of the night, and they were driving me crazy (sucking it up), except shiny toy gun who was surprisingly solid and uplifting. we needed to eat and left before the prodigy hit the stage, but i heard the crowds were minimal. at least kotori had a decent showing; we sported the shirts and the area was bombarded with owl stickers and magazines. it’s fun to walk around and see people reading them.

on friday i went to see “the fountain” with my family. it is beautiful and full of amazing ideas and i really liked it, but i’m not sure a film is the best medium to deliver this story. it probably feels better in book-form.

i’ll be hunting for a wii this week, as i’ve already bought zelda: twilight princess for it (what a dork!). hopefully i’ll catch it in stock and bring one home and start swinging that wiimote around like a fool.

tomorrow night my good friend john craigie will be singing his folk tunes at a coffee shop on sierra madre at the foot of the mountains. i might be accompanying him for a song or two… just like old times.

happy thanksgiving

hope you all had a good one. mine was the standard amalgamation of friends and family, too much food and card games.

on saturday a bunch of us will be heading out to the rokout festival to watch plenty of bands across 4 stages. something pretty neat: our very own kotori magazine will be sponsoring the VIP stage. awesome!

petty tickets are pretty annoying. especially when you’re known amongst your friends for (overly) following street signs and rules. they may cause the opposite effect of their intentions; it’s enough to make a man not care anymore.

speaking of not caring, here are some people who actually don’t:

presto sauce

sunday was a formal-wear day. in the afternoon i attended the los angeles doctors symphony orchestra’s fundraiser performance. they played great, and a had a kick-ass flute player to boot. all of the ticket sale proceeds went to operation smile, and i was there as a volunteer to help beth out (i pressed play to start a video during intermission… that’s about it). unfortunately i had to leave during intermission for…

the magic castle! this hollywood building of wonder is sort of a central hub for magicians. it is invite-only (you have to know a magician), and always fully-formal (suit & tie). we were lucky to get a group of us out there through some nucleus connections and it was awesome! the architecture is pretty impressive – the castle itself feels like LA in it’s glamorous youth, and the interior is an almagamation of relics, fixtures and trinkets from demolished hollywood mansions of a bygone era. in every corner was a small group of magicians showing each other tricks and talking the trade. the castle is 3 stories with a haunted wine cellar, and the evening was complete with (an excellent) dinner and a sawing-of-a-woman in half. i’d have to say the close-up magic and small showrooms were the most exciting and hilarious. all of the sleight-of-hand trickery was the most impressive (as opposed to the clever contraptions and props of the big shows), and a bunch of us were volunteers in the various acts. here’s a quick collage of photos from their web site (no cameras were allowed inside):

by the way, apparently if i were a computer file, i’d be a .inf. maybe for even doing this, i should be a .nerd. yeah, i just typed that. i am even nerdier than that sentence just proved i was. what?


with the donation of jamie’s van to the salvation army, the move from the fortress of awesome is pretty much complete. there is still stuff everywhere, scattered about our new place, but it’s fun setting it all up. i’m seriously enjoying the fireplace in my room, and the jacuzzi. it’s pretty much ridiculous. we’ve also aquired a fifth member of the household, a mr. appelhans. another musician is not a bad thing.

i picked up final fantasy 3 for the ds, and so far it’s fun, but i haven’t had much time to really play it. too many “final” fantasies, too little time. i did get a chance to try out the wii for the first time while i was at the store, and surprisingly (and to my relief), the controller felt great! it had some good weight to it, and the actual control was butter. the game (excite truck), however, was boring – but i could see the potential in the controller for good use and i think i’m excited about it again. or maybe i’m excited for it. it’s hard to tell at this point…

moving along…

it is time to retire the fortress of awesome and move into the retreat of awesome. with a pool. the action begins tomorrow.

the 3 trees and 3 flowers show was cool – absolutely amazing artwork. i wish i could have attended tadahiro’s demonstration on the following day, but i forgot to sign up for the class (should have known it was going to be super jam-packed). i did get to meet him, briefly. but he doesn’t speak english, so a simple handshake sufficed. chatting with enrico was nice too, since we only talk through emails, and even then, very briefly.

i’ve got a fresh box of kotori 8’s and it came out great! i’ve spent the last few days at the post office for an hour or so, sending out the subscription mailers. boy is the post office ever a joyous place – i’m not even going to get into how much of a pain it is (same as last time). we’re nearing the point of applying for a bulk mail / periodical account which will be excellent. can’t wait to just drop off the giant bundles all ready to go.

a few nights ago jamie, beth and i went to the tokio bar for a synthesis magazine party. the place had a really cool vibe, and we enjoyed some good gyoza and drinks while listening to a pretty crazy standup comedian.

about a week ago i ordered a new core 2 duo macbook pro to replace my current g4 powerbook, and i received it today. initial usage reveals that it rocks. when running an intensive mastering plugin on a full mix, the processor usage is about 11% on the new notebook when it would make my older powerbook grind to a halt. i’m crossing my fingers that i don’t have hardware problems like the g4 (before i get too excited)…