happy halloween (cough)

during his daily bike rides home, jamie noticed more and more halloween decorations and props on a house a few blocks away from ours. we had to go check it out, and it’s amazing! these people went all out, and these photos don’t really do it justice. the patch of ghosts reminds me of the forest spirits in mononoke.

i bought the ‘art of monster house’ book from nucleus during the book signing, complete with signatures from khang and chris. which is weird, because it’s khang and chris. the book is awesome with little pieces of scrap paper stuck on some pages and other notes and random items throughout it. the artwork is of course inspiring.


last saturday i helped out operation smile by manning a couple booths at the citadel outlets. i had a good time, but the best part was that it was for a good cause. op smile helps provide surgery for children with cleft lips/palates and other deformities, as well as setting up self-sustainable healthcare systems in other countries. my friend beth works for them, and she recruited me for the volunteer work. more info: op smile.

the departed…

…is an excellent film. it has attitude and intelligence and humor and wit and wisdom. i need to see it again, at some point; there’s a lot to absorb.

new rally point

miscellaneous stuff: got stuck inside a car wash last week, my car won’t shift out of park (getting it fixed tomorrow), dinners at amzu’s place continue to be excellent, school needs our house – we have to move, foa(hod) may relocate to a nice big san marino home, excited about samurai champloo. coupled with change is opportunity.

this is absolutely touching. it chokes me up to listen to it… maybe because my dad is a huge johnny cash fan, or maybe because there’s just so much behind those eyes:

kotori 008

sorry (self), about the lack of posts lately. i’ve been knee-deep in kotori land, putting the finishing touches on issue number eight. in fact, it’s uploading to the printers as i type this… exciting! the last few issues have been draining on all of us, but hard work shall pay off, and there might be some great news in the very near future.

while finishing this, i realized that i’ve laid out almost 600 pages since we started this little mag. i thought that was kinda neat, so i made a quick collage of all the pages… mesmerizing!