devil’s canyon

so we didn’t exactly go to the mohave desert to clear dirtbike trails… apparently that was last year’s task. but we had a blast, nonetheless. our job was to clear out tamarisk from a dried up tributary in devil’s canyon, near indio. the tamarisk hogs the local resources (drinks up to 200 gallons of water a day!) and basically makes it hard for other plants and animals to survive in that area.

we left friday evening and the drive was about 2.5 hours, but we got a little lost trying to find the campsite, which added on another couple hours! it was pitch black and ridiculous. once we found it, we set up our sleeping bags, admired the stars, and tried to get a few hours of sleep in before the morning hike. it was briefly interrupted by an unidentified animal that ran straight into danny’s shoulder, then took off! i actually had a bunch of trouble sleeping (forgot about a pillow) and had a very weird dream… so i was glad when morning came.

we packed up our stuff, drove out to devil’s canyon, and began our hike to the infested area which was about 2 or 3 miles from our starting point. it was hot and dry, but the strange landscape was rewarding and other-worldly. the little cacti peppered about were comical. we arrived at the dried up tributary, and used our loppers to clear out all the tamarisk in sight while the ghostbuster-member of the team sprayed them with some magic blue liquid that prevented it from growing back. a few hours of this, some water and food, a hike back to the cars, and we’re done. what a nice day!

i’ve got a bunch of photos up.

mohave sun

danny, jamie and i will be heading out to the mohave desert this weekend for a couple days of some wilderness preservation of sorts: clearing dirtbike trails and making the boundaries more visible. i’ll take some photos… peace out.

whadjya say?

hmm whadjya say?
hmm that you only meant well…
well of course you did.
hmm whadjya say?
hmm that it’s all for the best…
well of course it is.
hmm whadjya say?
hmm that it’s just what we need…
and you decided this.
hmm whadya say?
what did you say?



the FOA/HOD went to see the show at the staples center on friday. it was awesome. they rocked. the new stage setup was very slick, and tasteful. they played 10,000 days and wings for marie… man, was that a treat! the photo above is one i found on flickr… we actually had pretty good seats, but i think the image captures the spirit of the night well. below is a video from you tube of “the pot” from the show.

hmm, i wonder if they’re gonna be in the next kotori… ;)

labor day

i decided to take a break from all my projects this weekend, regardless of how much there was to do. it was great. after a luau (with kindof an underwhelming exploding volcano) at jeremy’s last week, the long weekend started and every day was awesome. basketball at venice beach, swimming at ben’s, an unbelievably epic game of 7-contestant trump (with 2 ties and 2 overtime rounds), and a day spent walking around hollywood, the ripley museum, and eating/drinking. ok, back to work.