stay strong, micah

our thoughts and energy are with you and your mother


tomorrow night is the power in numbers show at the nucleus. it will feature the work of over 100 artists, all producing pieces at 4″x6″ (several pieces each), and everything will be sold for $100. portions of the proceeds will go to the red cross, which is a great thing because this show is gonna be huge. the crowd will be hefty, so you have to arrive early to get a number as only 50 people will be let into the gallery at a time. the pieces will go quick.

the d.u.e. your homework show (sponsored by kotori and organized by dive underground) at hangar 1018 last week was pretty cool. there was a good number of paintings, illustrations and photography on display by various artists – some of which was excellent – and a bunch of live bands playing. it was a great, diverse, down to earth crowd. the odd thing is that i have had the urge to see a good puppet show lately (dunno why) and one of the bands put one on before they performed! it was also great to see people walking around with kotoris in their hands, they seem to have dug them.

speaking of kotori, production is well under way on issue 007. in a couple of days, we’ll be handing off the final files to the printer, which means some serious late nights coming up. it’s a sweet issue – we’re almost overwhelmed with content at the moment (issue 008 is already under way) and it’s apparent how the machine begins to operate now. however, we have big plans to provide a new venue for this massive amount of content… stay tuned…

happy birthday jenn, and happy birthday jenn! next weekend is frisbee playing, piñata smashing, and barbeque eating at the fortress of awesome (house of dork) (FOAHOD).

thanks, michelle, for some amazing jambalaya and conversation and drinks and laughs. we’ll have to make this a regular thing.

thanks cat, for showing ben and i around the nickelodeon studios, it was cool!

publications and good times

i just picked up a copy of flight volume 3 from kazu’s place, and it looks amazing! i tried to refrain from reading the material while it was in development, so i’m actually reading it now for the first time (unlike the last two volumes). so far, it’s excellent. the books are under ballantine now rather than image comics, and the production quality is superb. the cover is powdery soft and the pages are vibrant. and it smells nice.

tomorrow night is the d.u.e. your homework party at hangar 1018, which is sponsored by kotori magazine. it’s a huge show, with lots of artists and photographers showing their work, and live bands and djs. doors open at 8:00pm, show’s over at 2:00am. maybe all of us at kotori headquarters will be special guests. :) see you there!

speaking of kotori, layout progresses on issue 7, and i know i sound like a broken record but it just keeps getting better and better. i seem to have buried myself in projects once again… i’m not sure that’s really ever going to change, but it’s all the better because i get antsy during my downtime. i’m juggling 5 or 6 large web projects right now, my full-time gig, kotori 7, and band practice. and frisbee playing.

last weekend captain tom tufto and ali baba came to visit and it was a blast. it was awesome to hang out with everyone. good times and good laughs. danny wanted us all to sing a quick 5-part harmony tune for his voicemail message. if you know us, this quickly turned into a 2-minute epic song with multiple parts, harmonies, and was recorded professionally. ridiculous… but fun. :)

khang and ‘cules

happy birthday, khang! happy birthday, molly! can’t wait for a weekend of family style italian food, drinks, pot lucks, bowling, and catching up with tom tufton and persian tiger!