bounces off me, sticks to you

wally – i hope the 8000 pounds of rubber and 50 gallons of glue treated you well on the way home, unlike the disaster-of-a-day before. i hope your hands aren’t black for too much longer, and i hope you don’t smell like diesel either. i also hope you get a good night’s rest free from morning shows, throat clearing, engine noise and stomping. and you just wanted to visit the guys for a day! good times…

it has really hit home in the last couple of days that there are truly some amazing people around here and i’m fortunate to have them as friends!

support your local folksinger

last night i had the pleasure of watching john craigie perform at beantown in sierra madre – a nice little coffee shop with some awesome hot chocolate at the foot of the mountains. i grew up with john, so it was great to enjoy his familiar sense of humor peppered through his folk tunes. after the show john and i and another old friend got a chance to catch up for an hour or so… it made me feel at home. he’s been touring up and down the western u.s., and will venture to the east in a week or so. i hope we can hang out longer next time he’s in town. well, at least i snagged a sweet “support your local folksinger” shirt.

fortress of awesome?

ever since we moved into the fortress of awesome (house of dork), it was clear that some outside mystical force is at work making sure we have what we need, when we need it. we walked down the street (or through our “extended” backyard i should say) to babcock field to toss the frisbee around, only to find a game in progress. we looked around, and right there was an entrance to “tournament park” which i had never noticed before. it was a huge, well lit, absolutely perfect giant field. so we ran around for a couple hours, chasing the flying saucer, when all of a sudden all these people came out onto the field and started doing frisbee drills. i mean, what? apparently every tuesday and thursday night is an ultimate frisbee pickup-game. awesome!

in other news, it’s 100% apparent that our president absolutely has no idea how to handle any situation without the use of the military. hmm… we have an immigration problem on our border… umm… i dunno… send some soldiers. yeah, that’s it. soldiers. hear that kids? if you have a problem with something, just use force. i guess he’s planning to build a 370-mile wall as well. sounds very familiar. sounds like something else going on the middle east. block out your problems, cover them up, pretend they don’t exist. military and walls are SO going to make things peachy. how can a country get so stupid? have these “leaders” ever read a history book?


one cannot be found
two has fallen from comfort
three is a day away
four is guided by others
five looks me in the eye


i was a little bummed about missing the spore presentation at e3 (due to crazy lines), but joystiq has posted a video of the presentation, complete with robin williams’ antics, here (warning: its about 420 megs!). after watching the presentation, i’m even more excited about the game. it truly looks unique and the sense of scale is impressive. with all of the customization tools and technology for streaming other players’ creations, it looks like it’s gonna be a blast to play. after e3 i felt a little jaded because i was bombarded with game after game that looked and played exactly the same, with little to offer in the realm of innovation. watching the presentation of spore, however, reminds me of my surprise when playing shadow of the colossus. can’t wait!