kung fu bullet posters

i made some more kung fu bullet poster mockups of inspector duum and steele bullet… enjoy.


thanks ben, for all the prints and pro framing. my wall is starting to look like dumbledore’s office… i love it!

it’s raining outside.
it’s quiet inside, save my guitar noodling.
band of brothers is thoughtful.
saw our magazine in the store today while picking up king kong… weird.
running’s getting better, easier, refreshing.
housemates are like brothers.
need to illustrate on tissue for a japanese sliding door.
we’ve got building supplies.
tomorrow is santa barbara, and dinner.
time for dreams.


on an island

i’ve been listening to david gilmour’s new album, on an island and so far its great. my first impression was that it was almost too signature-gilmour, but over a few listens i’ve realized there’s a profoundness to the music and it can truly take you on a journey, and this is the result of the evolution that is his sound. the vocals, progressions, melodies and solos will take you to space and back. i’m still waiting for pulse on dvd…

yesterday we went on a night run, and i have to say – it’s way better than morning runs (at least to me). i’m a night-owl as it is, so it was difficult to get up early and launch straight into running. the night-run seemed much more condusive to my internal clock, and it turned out to be, dare i say… enjoyable?

time for proxies and tunnels

“… Chinese people trying to access information related to Taiwanese and Tibetan independence, the Dalai Lama, Tiananmen Square, SARS, opposition political parties, and anti-Communist movements will find themselves out of luck. Information about any group that can organize large numbers of people is considered threatening. Any Web site with information on the Falun Gong spiritual movement, for example, is blocked.

Here’s a short list of keywords that will trigger the filtering system and block access to content:

  • Revolution
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Taiwan
  • Tibet
  • Falun Gong
  • Dissident
  • Democracy
  • STD
  • Human rights

The Central Propaganda Department makes sure content providers stick with material that is consistent with Communist Party ideology…”

u for unicorn

this weekend was the unicorn show at the nucleus, and once again it was a packed house. i had a chance to see most of the pieces before the show while doing some work there and i’m convinced it’s one of the best collections to date. check it out! after stopping by the show we finished the night off with some (slightly competitve) bowling for tran’s birthday. happy birthday, tran!

i’ve been reading about a photography technique using tilt-shift lenses to make the appearance of real-world, large objects look like model trainset miniatures. it’s a little expensive, but there are some photoshop techniques to apply the effect to existing images and it comes quite close to using the special lenses. these images were fun to produce. they all look so tiny! the general idea is that it makes a large depth of field shot look like a macro shot, with foreground and background elements out of focus. this gives the illusion of the frame being a macro shot even though the actual subject is not, so we think the subject is small. it’s weird, but cool.

in other news we’ve moved the last of the music gear out of the santa monica studio and into our dining room (for the time being). it feels great to play on my full rig again (rather than through my computer), and i can’t wait to move everything into a practice studio and get cranking on new material.

i just finished reading “franny and zooey” and thought it was pretty good. zooey’s frustrations resonated with me, but franny’s practicality was sobering. that’s my one-sentence review.

nick and i went to see “v for vendetta” on friday night and we were blown away. i was engaged from start to finish and it has made its way to my all-time favorite films list. the acting, dialog, story and cinematography were all excellent. there’s been a trend of movies based on comics and graphic novels getting better and better (batman begins was another amazing film)… it’s probably a combination of larger budgets, competent crew/talents, and higher respect for the medium as a vehicle for good stories (which is what the root of all this is anyway). i think i’ll see it again tomorrow night!