ali baba turns 157

happy birthday ali! it was great seeing you and liz and ommid, it’s been too long. may 2006 bring you financial advisor heaven.


happy birthday, amy! karaoke was awesome… and weird! what strange music video interpretations! hope you enjoy the books! man khang can really sing, eh?

too many things

too much going on, infrequent posts. wav 6 (soon to be relaunched with a new name) is almost done, only a couple pages left to lay out, then its off to the printers after a final run-through. we’ve been moving for the last couple of weeks, and we’re almost done. the new place is really nice – i think my favorite place i’ve lived in so far. the best part about it is living with friends, which makes everyday that much better. this is pretty important, since i’ve been in and out of sadness the last few days… not sure exactly why but i’m inclined to believe it has something to do with valentine’s day. well, i’ll reverse it.

chubby bunny movin’

this saturday is the chubby bunny show at nucleus, which promises to be huge. 60+ artists depicting everything and anything that is the bunny. if you’re in the area its gonna be a blast so don’t miss out… there should be a couple thousand people over the course of the night. food, drinks and bunny artwork.

i’ve been busy this past week with laying out wav issue 6 (which has a soon-to-be-announced new name) and slowly moving all my stuff into our new place. when i first moved out to pasadena, i had a set deadline and it was difficult to find something that i really liked quickly since i was living in santa barbara. i settled on a decent month-to-month place to help me get situated, and now its time to move. i’ll be closer to the west side of pasadena, in a nice area and a great home. it’s hard to explain, but it really feels ‘good’ standing in the new place. its just a general gut feeling, and i’ll be living with some great friends as well. even though the place is huge, it somehow manages to keep a nice cozy feeling. i’m almost done moving, saturday morning should be the final load with all the furniture. to celebrate the move, as well as relax, chubby bunny will be that evening.

more birthdays!

happy birthday, dad! you’ve taught me the value of hard work, logic, patience, kindness and integrity, and you still surprise me with the most interesting stories.

and not to leave people out (this week was birthday madness)… happy (belated) birthday amber and rajeev! both of you are two of the hardest working people i know.

the sketch below was inspired by a conversation i had with kazu and amy last night over dinner…