happy birthday, nick

what a celebratory weekend! thanks for getting me through some tough times and your limitless enthusiasm for the future.

watch your head as you step into 2006 and prepare for liftoff…

happy birthday, danny

as molly put it best:

thanks for making life better!

i’m really glad you were born. dinner was fun, and here’s to an exciting 2006…

quality time

as i was leaving nucleus, some drunk girls gathered around my car. one of them climbed onto my hood, then onto my windshield. “she’s not drunk!” her friend exclaimed. the girl on the car liked the windshield so much that she felt her shirt was getting in the way of her skin and the glass, so away it went.

“um, can you try and get your friend’s breasts off the windshield.”
“oh cmon!”
“cmon what?”
“make her night!”
“i’m tired and i’m trying to get home.”
“tired? sheesh!”


saturday jams

nick and i headed out to the control room today for a refreshing jam session. i finally feel it coming together, and we’ll be moving soon to accomodate music situations. next month witnesses the return of osmosis, and stick will meet snare.

here’s a funny little thing i was working on today… it felt great on my fingers (use headphones):

he’s going all in…

as i battled my way through a cold this week (coupled with a few feverish nightmare-filled eves), a bunch of other things happened. to start it off, i was part of a larger presentation (for the engineering group) this monday and i titled my segment “a world without icons.” very dramatic, yes, but i think i made some solid points and hopefully instilled an appreciation for icons in some people. i was a little nervous about this since i haven’t really made a presentation of this nature in front of a group this large (band gigs aren’t the same!), but it went smoothly once i started getting into it, and it seemed that people were actually interested (judging by their expressions and positive response afterwards). i also got an ‘awesome techie’ award for my “passion and persistence in design and implementation of a sleek, new gotomypc v5 viewer interface.” woohoo! that’s my 3rd one and i’m proud. :)

the middle of the week was spent catching up with work todo’s and drinking lots of green tea and vitamin c. i had a couple sleepless nights due to the cold, but it’s almost over now. once my voice returns i won’t sound like a frog anymore…

friday was back in sb again for some more work, and a movie-evening with amber and evan. we watched ‘garden state,’ which was pretty good. guess i’m just not in the mood for love movies at the moment. we had some great breakfast the next morning, and some good laughs.

saturday was rad’s birthday, so the gang went out to laguna niguel to celebrate at their apartment. they’ve got such a nice place (awesome job decorating mandy, and thanks for the tasty dinner). the food was good (including the chocolate fountain), the pixar movies were fun and the people were of course great. happy birthday, rad!

tonight i headed out to khang’s (what an amazing house with an amazing view) for another good dinner and to meet the project offset team. these guys are super-talented and are kicking out some amazing stuff. the engine is top notch with some impressive features that haven’t been seen before and should make a huge splash in the industry. its a good group with good heads on their shoulders and i hope to meet up with them again and check out their work. the texas hold ’em was pretty thrilling with lots of oohs and aahs and cheers, and hat’s off to nat for winning it all in the end in the river.

batman year one was really cool (more appreciation for frank miller), and it’s time for the long halloween now. the artwork is outstanding. i haven’t drawn dogball in a long time, so the image above was fun to produce. phew! looking forward to more production this week…