wav 005 shipment

well, headquarters received the shipment of wav issue 005 and i have to say – this is by far the best issue yet! the new printer we went with did a fantastic job, and are the nicest people as well. the color representation and paper stock is incredible, i am so pleased! now we’re updating the web site and the media kit, distrobution information, marketing, etc. issue 005 will be hitting the streets shortly, stay tuned…

tonight its time for a couple of beers and some batman begins with some comrades. peace!

miscellaneous stuff and stuff

so it seems like its been about a month or so since i’ve really relaxed at home (or even got a solid night’s sleep). so the last few days have been welcome, and i’ve picked up/ordered some stuff for good times. since nothing really eventful has happened for a couple days, i’ve decided to write about this material stuff.

a friend told me about metroid metal which comes at an extremely welcome time since i’ve gotten way into metroid lately. i played a bit of super metroid and have started metroid prime over again, with the intention of finishing it this time. so the tunes from metroid metal were very nostalgic and very well done / interpreted, and it pushed me to order a shirt which i love. it features a little metroid with headphones on! and it came with a free sticker!

i also ordered the two towers and return of the king extended editions since i was missing these, and henrik’s been really into them lately. we started return of the king last night, and the extra scenes are actually pretty cool so far… the movie definitely feels ‘different.’ sarumon’s death scene in particular was kinda disturbing. i also got batman begins which i’m excited to watch on the projector. i saw it in the theater and thought it was awesome – probably the best batman movie to date (and pretty damn sweet on its own). i think i’ll have a viewing party on sunday eve….

i also got final fantasy: advent children, and took a peak at it (no time to watch at the moment)… the animation is absolutely incredible, some of the best i’ve seen, though i have a feeling the story won’t be as impressive.

on a much lamer note, apparently someone has been withdrawing money from my account on some random ATM machines across the city. almost $600 so far… my bank is investigating. my only guess is that my card’s info was recorded by a swiper attached to a machine i’ve used recently, and someone made a fake card using that info later. i’ll post what comes of this later…

tape 39

tonight danny, tanya and i went to see dan perform in “tape 39” (directed by cheolseung kim from the three chairs theater company) at the los angeles theater, downtown. i’m not sure what to say… dan was excellent, as was another bearded guy that we all liked, but i had no idea what it was about or what was actually happening. this made it difficult to feel for any of the characters or care what was going to happen next. it also made it difficult to be pleased, disappointed, or surprised by the plot. i was staring. after we left, i read the synopsis in the program and it made MUCH more sense. i should have read it before. :|

as i pulled out of the parking lot, i turned into a bus lane and got a ticket. immediately. that sucks.

serenity and treasure hunting

i saw serenity tonight, and i definitely enjoyed it. it was somewhat moving to see all my favorite characters on the big screen, shot on film. it had a very different look than the tv series and in my opinion lost a bit of its charm, grit and western feel because of this. it also seemed a little more ‘space-movie’ like than the series, which is also odd because the intention of the show was the opposite. all in all though, i was happy to get one more adventure with the firefly crew. to avoid spoiling it, i won’t write about the plot.

i also watched a few shorts from robot carnival, including franken’s gear and cloud. these two shorts had a major impact on my life and its nice to watch them every once in a while. its one of those things from my childhood that stuck forever. for all my friends who wonder why i am obsessed with robots, just pick up this dvd and watch those… you’ll understand. keep in mind it must have been about 6th grade, really late at night, on some random cable channel when i stumbled across it. i was floored.

in other news, talks of treasure hunting with nick have been filling the air, and i believe we’re going to start our training with a basic diving class in san pedro/long beach that ends with an exam off catalina island. after that it’ll be sailing training for me…

mal and crew

firefly is rockin’ me. its very cowboy-bebop, but live action, and i love the characters. it reminds of the anime series that i get into because you can’t wait to watch more, to dive into more mini stories. i can’t wait to see serenity… almost done with the episodes.