spicy level 5… launch!

spicy! tonight i headed over to orochon ramen with hong and jenn to eat some incredibly good miso ramen. the cool thing is that after choosing your ramen flavor, you get to choose a level of spiciness (from 1-7, 7 being the least spicy). i went with “osae orochon” (level 5), the first one under the “launch!” category, and i think that was perfect. somehow jenn managed “impact orochon” (level 3) which is pretty impressive. the crazy part is that it goes beyond “extreme orochon” (level 1). there are two higher levels, “special 1” and “special 2” under the “eat at your own risk” category. apparently “special 2” is the ultimate… i wonder what its like. here’s a picture of the menu.

wav 5 continues to progress nicely and of course we have some amazing surprises in store. it continues to pick up subscribers and there’s been alot of great fanmail and praise, which definitely makes me feel good about what we’re doing. the magazine isn’t perfect, but nothing is, and i think we’re getting some good information across to a receptive audience. thanks to cool hunting for the blurb which boosted our traffic and subscriptions. i think they summarized the magazine best, hitting it pretty much spot on:

“A casual writing style and eclectic layout belie the glossy’s youth (this is only their fourth issue), but that’s often the case from what’s likely the output of a no-sleep work ethic of an underpaid and understaffed independent publisher.”

nanospore weekend

’twas a great, relaxing weekend stuffed with nanospore unveilings, fried bananas with brown sugar and green-tea ice cream, endless battles of mario power tennis interrupted by endless battles of kirby’s avalanche, surreal discussions of the existence of future wives and their current whereabouts, basketball, and castlevania-inspired guitar solos. good times.

wrong target

i got an envelope addressed to “ms. shadi a muklashy,” which was a little insulting. inside were two complementary tickets (a $300 value!) to the “women’s conference.” apparently this conference features “6 of the greatest super stars all live and in person … sharing with you their life changing stories and inspiring you to achieve your unlimited potential.” and, quoting from the rest of the invitation:

at this once in a lifetime women’s conference you will learn how to:

  1. use the 7 keys to build lasting relationships at home and on the job.
  2. apply the 21 secrets of self-discipline to always look and feel young.
  3. be recognized and rewarded for your efforts.
  4. buy real estate for 31%-48% below market value.
  5. rapidly expand your circle of influence.
  6. develop opportunities for networking.
  7. use the top money-making secrets millionaires are using.
  8. improve the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones.
  9. use the essential principles of highly successful women.

EDIT: for my buddy, and a better self. :)

flash, crack

what a wondrous eve.

kazu and amy treated myself, david and chris to some delicious home-cooked korean barbeque which i’ve never had before. its pretty fun to wrap some garlic, spicy sauce, meat and rice in a piece of lettuce and munch it down. top it off with some asian pear and you have yourself a deal.

earlier, on the drive back from santa barbara, i kept seeing brighter and brighter flashes of light as i neared LA, but for some reason it didn’t seem like lightning. it was definitely lightning, and its been getting closer as the night rolls on. apparently a bolt hit a tree right by kazu’s house after i left and set it on fire, and fire trucks had to come put it out. madness! the last crack was so loud and powerful, i decided i had to record these booms. i just got out some recording gear, and waited. and waited. of course, no more thunder. i am managing to pick up some japanese radio stations while touching the cables though, pretty weird. i’m gonna stick it out for a while longer to try and capture that thunder…

it is raining though, and i love sleeping to the sound of rain.

io approaches II

after a good run of basketball with the wav crew and some friends, the io core headed over to the studio/control room to rehearse. we cooked up some solid material… i am so excited about this project and all it stands for. here’s a photo from our journey, and there’s more in the gallery:

i’ve also posted some snapshots from my figure drawing sketchpad in the art section. i’m aware of my obvious lack of skill in this area, but i wouldn’t forgive myself to not post it up here. i’m glad i took the class as i learned some valuable lessons and met some great people.