attack of the wav II

we headed over to G4 TV’s studio today to record the WAV segment for attack of the show. the place was really cool (at least to me). lots of people running around, video games everywhere, everyone seemed hip and full of energy. and the offices were filled with toys and figures. and the carpet was video game controllers! what a sweet carpet.

after waiting in the green room for a while, we went into the studio during wav’s block. i took a bunch of photos during the taping (it was live) and i think wasim did a great job of covering the important points. the host commented on wav’s layout being ‘some of the best he’s ever seen,’ (!) which made me feel great.

attack of the wav

wav magazine is going to be on G4TV tomorrow afternoon at 4:00pm. they’ll be doing a segment on the mag, its roots and the people behind it (us) on “attack of the show” so be sure to catch it if you want to see my bro in front of the cameras. pretty exciting! i can’t wait to check out their studio.

another studio image for good measure:

pirates, weapons and tools

yesterday we were treated to a full-fledged pirate for figure drawing, and the task was to complete a full rendering in our 3 hour slot (poor model!). personally i believe i screwed up my decent foundation when i got to shading it, but it was still good practice – a challenge to take into account all the folded clothing as opposed to the nude form. here’s the pirate:

then we went to the arsenal to meet up with some old friends… it was fun for the most part, just a little difficult to actually talk to people who are too drunk. that makes catching up not so fun. we almost didn’t get in because we weren’t ‘dressed well enough.’ but the bouncer ‘let us slide this time.’ thanks for letting us in pal, so we can walk around 100 guy and girl clones all dressed the same. then we basically got ditched when we all left. oh well, so it goes.

speaking of weapons, the new tool album seems to be getting closer and closer with their official page posting some studio photos as well as adam jones’ myspace page. i’m so excited!

kite ops & moscow coup attempt

tonight we went to see a couple bands play at the nucleus. the first band was kite operations, and they were pretty interesting. they’re from new york and tonight’s show was the last of a little west-coast mini-tour. we had dinner with them later and they seem like good people.

the second act was a one-man show called the moscow coup attempt, and i really dug this. it was a guy on a powerbook with some external hardware, synths and a midi controller and the music was synced to projected visuals that gave the impression of… well… a moscow coup attempt. the music was really cool and fit the archival footage well.

then we headed out to hodori with a table of about 20 people, and chatted with the band and company. all in all it was a good night at the nuc. below are a couple of videos from the performances, and there’s a bunch of photos up in the gallery.

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sketches section

since i make so many random sketches that i don’t really flesh out or render, i decided to make a new sketches section on the art page to drop them. here’s the first one.