la ve lee with DC

last night we traveled out to the la ve lee to see some jazz and a guest appearance by danny carey. it was kinda cool, but a little boring at the same time… this may have been exaggerated by our extreme hungriness from lack of dinner. i keep forgetting how tall danny is though. can’t wait for the new tool album which they are supposedly recording now.

da vinci blood prince

some exciting tidbits of information: i’m about to start the half blood prince, it will probably take me about 6 months to finish it. i finally finished the da vinci code, and i thought it was ok. not amazing, kinda predictable, but at least fun. these news posts are getting exciting, eh? 

figure drawing is getting better and our instructor is extremely helpful (and talented). i promise to get some samples up here, but my materials are at the classroom so i might have to wait until the end of the course.
wav number four will be out very soon – pick it up! it features dj rap, dredg (!), idiot pilot, autolux, dj craze, the rebirth, mr. lif, platinum pied pipers, telepopmusik, john kelley and more nuggets. it keeps getting better and better and we’re already moving on number five which will be rockin’ – plenty of surprises in that one.


breathe, breathe in the air. 
don’t be afraid to care. 
leave but don’t leave me. 
look around and choose your own ground. 

long you live and high you fly 
and smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry 
and all you touch and all you see 
is all your life will ever be. 

run, rabbit run. 
dig that hole, forget the sun, 
and when at last the work is done 
don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one. 

for long you live and high you fly 
but only if you ride the tide 
and balanced on the biggest wave 
you race towards an early grave.

– gilmour, waters, wright


this weekend my friend and i drove to san diego to attend the madness that is comicon. we pretty much spent the entire time taking photos with costumed people and statues/models, some of which you can see here. there was alot of cool stuff and awesome artwork, and i was as impressed as last year. it was cool to stop by the flight and nucleus booths to say hello to the great people running them. here are a couple shots from the show.

i’ve also been taking a figure drawing class – which i’ve been meaning to do for such a long time because its a definite weakness in my illustration – and its been awesome so far. extremely helpful, and really fun. the technique is very awkward and foreign to the way i’m used to drawing, especially the proper way to hold the charcoal pencils and the method for laying the strokes down. i definitely feel like a beginner, like i’m learning to draw from scratch, but its refreshing. i’ll try and post some images of my crude work soon.

g8 & gene?

the kyoto members are all countries that have agreed to lower greenhouse gas emissions to a certain level by a certain date. the united states is the only g8 nation not to sign on. its like a cheap movie and we are obviously the bad guy… how blind are we?

a few days ago i received an unfair phone message. that really chaps my hide.

on a lighter note, here’s my bro with gene simmons. weird eh? he thought so too…