chico vacation

a few days ago i took a mini vacation up north to chico to visit a good friend. we spent the weekend talking about life, playing basketball, playing music (and recording drum samples), eating good food, watching movies (batman begins was surprisingly good), relaxing in the creek at the park and exploring table mountain in butte county. it was probably the most relaxed i have been in a long time and i really enjoyed myself. it was both happy and sad to see some familiar places that i have alot of memories attached to, but these are the pieces of me and i’m glad they exist. see some photos of the trip in the photo gallery.

howl’s moving castle & mia

last night i saw "howl’s moving castle" and i was so impressed. the animation, design and production quality was incredible and i loved the music as well. alot of it actually matched how i pictured everything while reading the book which was kind of comforting in a way. of course there was alot of trademark miyazaki spice added, and they kept the focus on the characters at the studio ghibli level. i guess the only gripe was the ultra-quick wrap up at the end… it felt very weird and forced. i also wish that the magic boots that let you move miles in a few steps were in there… i was looking forward to how they would handle that, but it never came up. all in all i loved it… i can’t wait to watch it in japanese – the english dubbing was a little dry but mostly good.

more good music… check out M.I.A. – she’s got refreshing beats and a cool vocal style. and her lyrics are relevant.

bug eyes

speaking of music videos, check out dredg’s new video for ‘bug eyes’ off the new album ‘catch without arms.’ though their previous videos have been  a little more creative (in my eyes), i’ve watched this a few times and i think they’ve captured what dredg ‘feels like’ pretty well. its good to hear them again, and i must say the lyrics from ‘catch’ seem to resonate with me pretty heavily so far.

moby’s beautiful

jesus. moby’s video for ‘beautiful’ is so sad…

toy show

crazy toys at the toy show…