moon view

the moon is amazing tonight.

spekz is a lawyer

congratulations spekz! you’re a lawyer now… a lawyer with the most contagious laugh and the biggest heart. charge on forward my friend and build your empire – you’re one of the few remaining human beings and this world needs you.

speaking of empires, i saw episode 3 and rather than go into a lengthy analysis i’ll just say that i thought it was great. good performances and motivations, felt like a star wars. 

new home

the final boatload has been unpacked after sailing away from the shores of santa barbara. it has only been about a week in my new place, but i feel very comfortable – more comfortable than i have in a long time. here’s to a new hideout, a slimmer waistline and a new powerbook. 

inspector duum

this is what happens when i go insane.



trying to stream-of-conscience paint. its not working out so well, but its fun. i think i’ll keep doing it and maybe they’ll get better.