life is unpredictable. this definitely makes it interesting. any adult who has managed to retain their imagination is not an adult. this is a good thing. here is another robot.

leeloo dallas

my brother and leeloo dallas… right on!

comfortably numb

when i was a child i caught a fleeting glimpse,
out of the corner of my eye.
i turned to look but it was gone.
i cannot put my finger on it now.
the child is grown, the dream is gone.
i have become comfortably numb.

superheros and laker losses

happy birthday micah and kizzy! crazy crazy superhero party you guys threw, it was a blast. i still can’t believe after all that traffic the wav headquarters was left intact. if that was IV, everything would be stolen. definitely a more respectful bunch out there…

the limo ride / skybox laker game bonanza was pretty ridiculous. i think we were all shocked when we opened the door to our box. it was basically our own room complete with kitchen, endless food and drink and unbelievable seats. it was a very weird way to see a game – definitely a treat. check out some photos here.

and even though it was an exciting game, of course they lost again. i think its funny that kobe is finally in charge and they are basically struggling to even make the playoffs this year. i like to think its the karma police come to smack him on the head for cheating on his wife. he’s playing really well, but they keep losing. hopefully it’ll be some kind of wake up call for his ego…

project pull

i spent the weekend with my brother and its been a long time since we’ve had a chance to just hang out, without any overlooming projects to take care of. it was great and i think we both finally felt relaxed for a day or two. now we are eagerly awaiting the first run of wav 3… they should arrive back from the printers by monday.

i’ve also been kicking around an idea in my head for a project that should keep me occupied for quite a while… i’m estimating close to a year, and i can’t wait to get started. for now, we’ll call it ‘project pull.’ in any case, it might help take my mind off the strange dreams i’ve been having.