WAV3 has gone gold

well i can finally say that WAV 3 has gone gold and is off to the printer. it was a frantic rush of last minute changes and cover debates, but i think we ended up with a really great newsstand debut. its really looking polished and we’re crossing our fingers that the future of WAV is a bright one.

oh, and here’s a screenbot to enjoy.

RIP goby 1

rest in peace, goby number one. its eerie how an aquarium can mirror our own lives so much.

WAV number 3

i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. wav 3 is a breath away from being done and my eyes/brain are not thanking me for it. we have a such a jam packed issue full of goodness this time around – and national distribution to boot – that its going to be pretty exciting to see what happens in the months ahead. we’ve got the mars volta, ralph nader, barbara boxer, tom morello, 22-20’s, sound tribe sector nine… the list goes on. i think it will be great timing with the release of "frances the mute" as well.

now all we have to do is rebuild the website to deliver on all the promises noted throughout the magazine…

frances the mute

i have been listening to the new mars volta album "frances the mute" all weekend and i have to say, i am absolutely floored. this is the best album i have heard in years; i am completely hooked. it has so much energy and travels to so many different places. somehow, they have managed to top themselves and its ridiculously beautiful. please treat your ears to it on march 1.

early mornin’

some of you may think its sunday…but not i! it is 5:49am and still saturday night as far as i’m concerned. sometimes working on a robot cannon bus takes longer than one would expect. time for bed.